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Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP)

  1. Winters PD Badge702 Main Street
    Winters, CA 95694
    Dispatch 530-795-4561 | Officer 530-795-2261
    Fax 530-795-3921

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    By submitting this information you affirm the following: I understand the information I provide about health and/or medical conditions may be shared with Police, Fire, and other emergency responders to assist them in responding to an emergency or disaster. I understand providing this information does not insure that emergency responders will be able to provide services in an emergency, but will assist them in responding appropriately based on available resources. I understand I may revoke consent to sharing information/enrollment in SNAP at any time by sending a written request to: Winters Police Department Attn: SNAP 702 Main St Winters, CA 95694. I certify the information provided on this form is true and correct. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to update the information on this form as 

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