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Ride-Along-Program Form


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    1. Winters PD BadgeWinters PoliceDepartment

      702 Main Street, Winters, CA 95694
      Dispatch (530) 795-2261 | Office (530) 795-4131 | Fax (530) 795-3921

    2. Ride Along Release

      If you desire to be considered for a citizen ride-a-long, please fill out the following information completely. This information will be used to conduct an inquiry to determine if your application for a Ride-A-Long is approved. 

      If you are 18 years(*) of age or older, you may be eligible to participate in the Winters Police Department Ride-A-Long Program. You may participate once every three months. Ride-A-Longs are limited to five-hour rides between the hours of 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

      Whereas the undersigned, not being a member, employee, or agent of the Winters Police Department, has made a voluntary written request for permission to ride as an observer in a Winters Police Department vehicle at a time when such vehicle is operated and manned by members of the said Department and has further requested permission to accompany a member or members of said Department during the active performance of their official duties as Police Officers.

      (*) Juveniles between the ages of 16- 17 may participate in this program only with the signed consent of a parent/guardian 

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    4. Emergency Contact