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Inspection Information

The Winters Fire Department performs building fire inspections as well as site and systems plan reviews in unincorporated and incorporated areas in Winters.

Prior to scheduling your inspection, please contact the Yolo County Building Inspection Division to obtain information regarding the process and any specific forms needed.

Yolo County Building Inspection Division
292 W. Beamer Street Woodland, CA 95695
Phone (530) 666-8775
Fax (530) 666-8156,
email at

Typically there are 2 forms regarding inspections:

  1. Fire District Fee (GH032) online Form (available the Yolo County Building Inspection Division)
  2. Building Inspection School, Fire, and Service District Fee (GH010) online Form (available the Yolo County Building Inspection Division)

Once the county process is completed, for buildings in the unincorporated area please bring a completed Fire District Fee (GH032) Form and a $1,000 check payable to the Winters Fire Protection District to the Winters Fire Department located at 700 Main St Winters, CA 95694 to fill out and sign the Fire District Fee form.

Once the above process is completed, please schedule a fire inspection for a new building, by emailing

Regulation Information

Please note inspections are subject to fulfillment of City of Winters and/or Yolo County requirements and forms, more information is available below:

Residential Fire Sprinkler Installation Standards of Yolo County

The installation of fire sprinkler systems in one and two-family dwellings in the County of Yolo shall conform to the latest conditions of NFPA Standard 13D and the following local requirements where NFPA Standard 13D and the local standards conflict, the local standards shall prevail. Plan check and field inspection for residential fire sprinkler installation within the unincorporated area of Yolo County will be handled by:

  • City of Davis – Tim Annis (530) 757-5684 , 530 Fifth Street Davis, CA 95616
  • Woodland/Springlake – Jose Colin (530) 661-5859 , 300 First Street Woodland, CA 95695
  • Winters – Jesus Marquez (530) 795-4131 , 700 Main Street Winters, CA 95694
  • West Plainfield – Bill Heins (530) 756-0212 , 24901 County Road 94B Davis, CA 95616

Additional Contact Information

For more information regarding fire inspection requirements in Winters incorporated areas, please contact the City of Winters Building Division by email at or by phone at 530-794-6708.

For more information regarding fire inspection requirements in Winters unincorporated areas in Solano County, please contact the Solano County Building Inspection Division.

  1. Self Service Inspection Form
  2. Winters Fire Inspection Service Request Form

Self-Inspection form - City of Winters Fire Department


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Step Two
  • Step One

    1. Winters Fire LogoWinters Fire Department

      700 Main Street, Winters, CA 95694
      Dispatch (530) 666-8920 | Office (530) 795-4131 | Fax (530) 795-5434

    2. If you would prefer to have the Winters Fire Department perform the standard inspection, please complete the Inspection request form (linked below)..
    3. Complete the Self Insepction Fields:
    4. Building Exterior
    5. Interior
    6. Egress/Exiting
    7. Emergency Lighting/Egress Illumination
    8. Exit Signs
    9. Electrical
    10. Fire Alarm Systems
    11. Fire Extinguishers
    12. Fire Supression Systems
    13. Housekeeping & Storage
    14. Note: 

      You will be contacted by an EFD Inspector for all “No” responses to address violations. All violations must be corrected within 30 days of the inspection date. If violations are not remedied, you will be subject to a re-inspection.