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The Last Friday Update on July 31, 2020

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The Last Friday Update on July 31, 2020

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I’ve been doing the Friday Update now for 11 years. The goal has always been to inform and keep folks in the loop on what is going on. I have tried to include everything, including the controversial issues. I hope people have appreciated getting them as much as I have writing them. This is my final edition.

A couple things from the week:

  • The August 4 City Council Meeting is cancelled and was adjourned to August 18.
  • We made the Fox 40 News this week for inviting some folks to come Downtown to support our struggling businesses and to get a glass of wine. Yup, the flyer called it a “protest” of three long time employees leaving and encouraged people to come Downtown and bring signs. Some folks just have no sense of humor (I don’t think they even read the flyer). I did not see the tv news segment, but my brother said it was hilarious and sad at the same time.
  • The Covid “complaints” which come to the City are sent to me. Many are the result of need for community education for businesses and folks. Some are just mean with folks wanting to chase young people out of the parks, one guy tried to stop a wedding, and some are just indignant. We will get through all of this and I, personally will be glad when it is over.

Today is my last official day in the office as the City Manager of the City of Winters, a title I will hold dear and proudly for the rest of my life!

The last 19 years of my life have been literally the best both personally and professionally. I am grateful beyond measurement for what Winters has given me and the people who have become a part of my life. It has simply been, the best. An incredible ride to say the least.

I especially want to thank:

  • The 17 City Council Members who gave me the opportunity to do what I do. Winters is blessed with amazing leadership and the home spun guidance from people who served because of their commitment to community service and guiding this town. Not a selfish or self serving person in the bunch. Harold Anderson changed my life 19 years ago by walking me down Main Street. Cecilia “got us to the table” and the rest just fell into place.
  • The 122 City staff members I have worked with. They say rule number one to being successful is to surround yourself with people who are smarter and more capable than you are. In my case that is a pretty low bar, but all that has happened over the 19 years can be credited to a very talented and capable supporting cast. They have been my “dream team.”
  • The Wallace Family, especially John and Charley (of course with Newt and Ida). There are few who have defined Winters more than the Wallace’s. The approach, values and commitment of this family  for the last 70 years is what has made Winters. I have personally witnessed John and Charley do some of the most kind and generous acts of friendship for people (including me) I have witnessed in my life. Their Winters Express (with Debra) recorded our history and told a story everyone wanted to read each week. An absolute blessing. People who have changed and enriched my life.
  • Those who have given literally their entire being to “bringing back”  Winters including John, Melanie, Joe, Karen, John S, Dan M, Charley, John W, Newt, Ida, Carol S,  Tony T, Debra, Barb, Terry, Kathy D,, Bobbi G, Nanci M, Diane J, Woody, Wade, Kathy and Jessica. All amazing people who have given their all to this town and were amongst our most important partners and collaborators.
  • All those with Winters AYSO, Rotary, WJUSD, WEF, HAC, WFoL and Putah Creek.

I have been proud to carry the Winters “flag” and that has been embodied within the framework of being a member of an incredible team. Its always been a team effort with each carrying a different part of the equation.

During the time I lost some people along the way who were some of my best friends, collaborators and confidants. Scotty Dozier led the redefinition of Winters Fire, Alfredo Rodriguez taught me how to change the lives of young people and Robert Chapman was a dream councilmember for a then young City Manager. I will share that I loved each of them.

Finally, my wife Kathy and my kids Sam and Emily. The soul and commitment of our family is Kathy and the kids were supportive for the entire ride. I am a lucky and blessed man to have a family who loves me and puts up with all the crap I bring.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the entire Winters community for the honor of being able to serve. I will pray for the continued success of our town.



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