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Swim Schedule

photo cred: Bobbie Greenwood Community Swim Center Facebook page

Lap swimming at the Bobbie Greenwood Swim Center will start on Monday, July 13. Advanced registration and payment is required with one-hour slots being available for each of the 8 lanes. Registration information and lap swim times will be available beginning Thursday, July 9, 2020.

Anticipated lap swim times are Monday through Friday from 2:45pm-8:45pm with lane reservations at 2:45pm (for ages 12-15 only), and 4pm, 5:15pm, 6:30pm, 7:45pm (for ages 16+ only). Lap swimming times on Saturday will be from 9am-1:45pm with lane reservations at 9am, 10:15am, 11:30am, and 12:45pm (for ages 16+ only).

Restrooms will not be accessible for changing and water fountains will be closed. Participants will be limited to 60 minutes at the start of each hour.

Unfortunately, because of the close proximity of participants for public swimming and swimming lessons, we do not anticipate being able to offer swim lessons and rec swim this summer.

 New Procedures for Lap Swim:

We have a few changes to our schedule and to our check-in procedures.

  1. Please pre-register for your 1-hour time slot to swim per day by clicking the link at the bottom of this page (mobile) or to the right (desktop). All swim times are available on the hour. No un-registered swimmers will be permitted inside the pool area. See sign up instructions to pre-register for Lap Swim.
  2. Payment will need to be made online, upon registration ($7.50).
  3. Payment is accepted for each 1-hour of swim time. Participants will be limited to one lap swim session per day. Sign-ups are available two days prior to session.
  4. One person is permitted to swim per lane.
  5. Lap swim times are divided by age. The swim time of 2:45pm (M-F) is strictly for ages 12-15 and the rest of the swim times are strictly for ages 16 and older.
  6. Please bring your own equipment with you.
  7. We ask that you bring your belongings with you to the pool deck and do not leave anything inside the restroom. Baskets will be placed at the end of each lane for swimmers to use for their personal belongings.
  8. Restrooms will not be accessible for use as a changing room and swimmer must come dressed and ready to swim. Only 1 person will be allowed to use the restroom at a time.
  9. Swimmers will enter the pool at opposite ends to maintain as much social distancing as possible.
  10. Swimming sessions will end 5 minutes before the end of the reserved hour in order to clear the pool area and allow for staff to clean. All swimmers must exit through the exit gate door by the bleachers.
  11. Use of the shallow end by swimmers with reservations must be cleared with the COVID coordinator and only one person is permitted to use it at a time.
  12. City of Winters COVID-19 Lap Swim Procedural Protocol (pdf)
  13. Follow these instructions to register/pay: Click Sign Up Button, Click to Download and View Waiver of Liability, Download and View Protocols, Sign Up for Session,  Acknowledge Waiver and Make Payment ($7.50) for Session all on external site. (Desktop: see to the right / Mobile: see below).
  14. We are unable to process any refunds at any time in whole or for any part of your payment for City of Winters Lap Swim.


2:45pm-3:45pm (8 slots, 12-15 years old only)

Age 16+ (8 slots each hour)

Saturday (age 16+, 8 slots each hour)


Sign up for Lap Swim Session ($7.50 per session),
Download/Acknowledge Liability Waiver, Download and View Protocols, Sign Up for Session, Submit Payment
external link

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