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- The City Council approved new water rates that will start the first 2014. For water, a typical home will pay a fixed service fee of $20.03 plus $1.35 per unit up to 18 units, which is the average monthly use for Winters. Each unit is 100 cubic feet, or 748 gallons. Those using above 18 units will pay a higher $1.91 per unit for the amount over 18 units. This is added incentive to cut your water use as much as possible.
The new sewer rates don’t start until July 1st 2014, but the basis for the rates will be your water use this winter. We will take the three wettest months of this coming winter, probably November, January and February, and, starting in July, your sewer fee each month will be $45.00 plus $1.62 times your winter water use average. For that reason, cutting your winter water use this winter is extremely important. It will determine the amount of your sewer bill for 12 months, from July 2013 to June 2014.
We can help reduce water use. The City can:
• Monitor your water use weekly and let you know how you’re doing
• Provide a graph of your hourly water use for any period up to 3 months
• Provide a reduction in your bill if it is high because of a leak that you repaired

- Recycling Agricultural Plastic at the Yolo County Landfill is now free under certain conditions - check out the flyer - a grower with 1,000 acres can save $43,000 a year in landfill fees (flyer)

- Drop off your expired or unwanted medications at Eagle Drug in Winters (more info)  Never flush or throw away medications in your garbage.

- 2013 Waste Management Calendar (PDF)

2013 Water Quality Report (PDF)
2012 Water Quality Report (PDF)
2011 Water Quality Report (PDF)
2010 Water Quality Report (PDF)
2009 Winters Water Quality Report (PDF)
Moody Slough Drainage Report (PDF)
Moody Slough Drainage Cost Allocation Report (PDF)
Putah Creek - Dry Creek Sub basins Drainage Reports (PDF)
Sewer Collection Master Plan (PDF)
Water Master Plan (PDF)
Improvement Standards (PDF)
Standard Construction Specifications
Sewer System Management Plan Document 4/23/10 (PDF)

Mandatory Commercial and Multi-family Recycling is here. Starting July 1st most businesses and multi-family properties will have to start recycling if they are not already doing so. (More info)

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