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- Bid Results 4/21/15 - Railroad Ave at Dry Slough Bridge Replacement (PDF) (Bid Summary)

Putah Creek Car Bridge Simulation Images:


City of Winters New Car Bridge Time-Lapse Video (03/03/15)


City of Winters New Car Bridge Time-Lapse Video (03/14/14)


Press Release:

2013 Sewer Line Rehabilitation Project -

     The construction contract for the Sewer Line Rehabilitation Project was awarded to Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corp and their subcontractor, Navajo Pipelines. The project is being funded with the City’s sewer bond.
     The project, which will begin January 7, 2013 and will be completed by the end of May. The project area includes most of the older downtown area, the Major Vista subdivision and a few lines north of Grant Avenue, with a total of over 19,000 feet to be rehabilitated. The process used will be a non-dig cured-in-place pipe lining technology. This method is much more cost effective and less disruptive, then traditional methods. As part of this process the main lines and lateral service lines will be videotaped, allowing staff to determine the condition of the laterals. Lateral lines that are found to be deficient may be replaced from the main to the property line, new clean outs will be installed at the property line if none exists.
Residents will be notified when work is to performed in specific neighborhoods. The contractor may request limiting your use of water/ wastewater during lateral construction. The Public’s cooperation and patience will be greatly appreciated.
     Any questions or concerns should be directed to Carol Scianna, City of Winters, Public Works Department, at 794-6715 or carol.scianna@cityofwinters.org.



Winters Public Safety Facility Under Construction video: Elliot Landes 03/01/11



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