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Friday Update on June 8 2018

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Friday Update on June 8 2018


A bunch of items:

Here are the items on the June 19, 2018 Preliminary City Council Agenda:

June 19, 2018 City Council Meeting

  • Irrevocable Offer of Dedication of Right of Way and Public Utility Easement for Winters Highlands (Stone’s Throw) Phase 1 Subdivision
  • Final Map #4507 for Winters Highlands (Stone’s Throw) Phase 1 Subdivision
  • Adoption of the Ordinance for Implementation of the Yolo HCP/NCCP
  • American Tower Lease Extension
  • Certification of Election Results & Swearing in of New Council Members
  • Proclamation Recognizing Rebecca Fridae for Serving 30 Years on the Yolo County Library Advisory Board on Behalf of the Winters Friends of the Library
  • Public Hearing and Approval of the Engineer’s Report and Ordering the Levy & Collection of Assessments for the City-Wide Maintenance Assessment District, FY 2018/2019
  • Public Hearing for Weed Abatement
  • Public Hearing and Approval of Newt’s Expressway Rule 20A Utility Underground District
  • Consideration of Ordinance Regarding the Expansion of a Non-Conforming Building or Structure
  • Callahan Estates First Amendment to the Restated and Amended Development Agreement, the Tentative Map Amendment, and the Phase 1 Final Map
  • Waste Water Master Plan
  • Water & Sewer Rates
  • Refunding of Water & Sewer Bonds
  • Adoption of the 2018-2019/2019-2020 Budget
  • Full and Part-Time Salary Schedules

Items from a couple of the City Departments:

Public Works:

  • Rehabbing the North field spray heads – one line that hasn’t been operational has been finished and underground lines are being repaired.
  • Well #2 rehab is on video and the efficiency test will be next.
  • A new electric car charger has been installed and bricks are being replaced around the flowerbeds at the Community Center
  • Landfill has raised tipping fees due to State regulations and Waste Management wants to raise rates but will be required to go through the Prop 218 notification requirements.
  • Met with Cal Trans to discuss the Active Transportation Program and the funding of overpass improvements and the potential funding of projects along Grant Ave, including a second roundabout.
  • Planning: Received an e-mail of interest from Dutch Bros.


  • Posted three stop-work notices over the weekend.
  • Will be doing the first under floor inspection at Chevron and will schedule a pre-construction meeting with the general contractor.
  • Winters Healthcare re-submitted their plans yesterday.
  • Received complaints regarding an on-going yard sale on Emery Street.


  • Chief Miller is at Command College this week.
  • Cueto is attending critical incident training.
  • The department will be undergoing range qualifications.
  • There was a good police presence at graduation last week.
  • Gonzalez, McCoy & Ferguson attended a report writing demo.
  • New YECA dispatchers recently toured the facility.
  • Winters and Woodland Police Departments are two of the first agencies in the State to have dispatchers go on a ride-along with officers.  The officers will also sit in with the dispatchers.
  • Structure on Wolfskill has been red-tagged, which gives City representatives the right to go in unannounced.
  • There is a homeless population down in the creek.  While walking the creek from Wolfskill to I-505, 6 camps were found with multiple people in each camp.  Advised those folks to pack up and move elsewhere.


  • An 83-year old hiker was rescued  in Cold Canyon via helicopter.  There is currently signage on the trail about fatigue, and the question of establishing a rescue fee for these types of rescues came up again.  The trail is technically on the Solano County side and falls under the Vacaville Fire Agency, but Winters F.D. is normally called because we are more familiar with the trail and its terrain. It was 96 degrees up on the trail and none of the hikers had water with them!
  • Received paperwork for fireworks on July 3rd and will put together a plan to cover the event.
  • Will be conducting two training burns, one being on the Hwy. 128 corridor.
  • Ignitions class burned off 15 acres on Wednesday.’
  • Putting together job description for seasonal firefighters as we are expected to lose 12-15 firefighters to Cal Fire.

Monday will begin the City’s 2018 Intern Program with three graduate level students in the program. Lot’s of assignments will be worked on over the summer, including:

  • Comprehensive Affordable Housing Report-This will include an inventory of all affordable housing in the City, mapping, an issues review of housing issues both within the City and throughout the State and finally an opportunities/constraints analysis which will evaluate both Federal and State legislation, financing and initiatives.
  • General Plan Sustainability Element-Working on the development of a new “General Plan Element” on sustainability topics and policies including energy, air quality, recycling, transportation and housing. This will include both policy and implementation program development. (Group Project)
  • Economic Development issues including our Ag Economy, Economic Contacts and Programs in the regions and a summary of the Brookings Report Study on the Sacramento Regions strengths and weaknesses.
  • Police projects will include a Creek Nuisance ordinance and dealing with property owners, False Alarm Ordinance, Parking fines update, Emergency Business Contacts Update and a grant proposal for a mobile field force grant.
  • Planning projects will include Air BnB regulations, Food Trucks and a review of transit alternatives through YCTD in Winters.
  • Public Works will include inventory and GIS coordination of City assets, Wastewater System Maintenance Program, Climate Action Plan and new State Water Conservation Regulations which will limit water consumption starting in 2020.
  • Emergency Services basic training for both Federal and State programs.
  • Fire will include an update to the Active 911 Program, Pre Plan Survey’s of Commercial structures and Lexipol Policy implementation.
  • In Financial Management, Interns will be generating Pension Rate Sheet Analysis, doing a business license survey of the region and the development of a template for our Annual Impact Fee Report.

Finally, our local elections are completed with the retention of the three incumbent Council Members and the passage of Measure G which makes the City Clerk and City Treasurer appointed position.

A common question asked by a lot of folks is “what does it entail being on the City Council?” The answer is revealed each City Council Meeting during the Council Comments section.

About 7 years ago, the City Council began going through their calendars and announcing their appointments and meetings which have occurred between each City Council Meeting. They report out their attendance at City events, Board and Commission Meetings, State-wide events, educational seminars and even their individual meetings with Staff and the City Manager. Each will recite the number of commitments required often without any explanation of their need for preparation, exhaustive reading and follow up with the staff from the outside agencies for which they represent the City. The typical member probably describes a minimum of 12-20 meetings and obligations each month, depending on the season. This is done for transparency and disclosure.

In a small town, the participation and due diligence of the City Council is a critical role. On major issues like the Yolo Conservancy Plan, they are often required to read thousands of pages of narrative and technical reports before attending 3-4 hour meetings with more homework following that meeting. Representation is critical, because their votes and attention to detail can represent thousands and at times, millions of dollars to the City.

The reporting out also understates their own personal knowledge which is required to be on the City Council. “Getting up to speed” on issues, especially land use can take years! “Routine” items like understanding the City-wide assessment district, the City’s debt limit report (Gann Limit), Weed Abatement Ordinance are no simple tasks. These folks work hard at what they do.

Mostly, being on the Council takes a pretty firm commitment to becoming a knowledgeable representative of the entire community and making votes and decisions which represent a very long view for City residents. When the Council votes, we often remind them that they don’t represent just the folks who show up at the meeting, they represent every resident and business member not in the room, which can make for a very unpleasant evening on controversial issues.

Winters has been blessed with City Council members who really care and take their roles seriously. They evolve into visionaries, seeking to make an impact both within and beyond the City’s borders. They have made Winters a regional “leader” on many issues, taking the local community interests and values and translating those regionally. They “represent” and extend the reputation of Winters in how they conduct themselves and ultimately, they are the one’s “at the table” when it is time for allocations of funding for City needs with their influence making the difference in how monies are distributed.

The City Council are developing and cultivating future leaders in a very unselfish manner. They develop opportunities for folks to “engage” with the City on committees like the Parking , Hispanic Advisory and  Economic Development Committee’s. Eventually folks rise to appointments on the Planning Commission which is a strong foundation for moving to higher levels.

I genuinely feel blessed with those I have worked with. Dedicated folks, who generously commit themselves (hundreds if not thousands of hours annually) to representing our community and take on leadership roles which eventually evolves into becoming mentors and cultivators of future leaders.

Have a nice weekend.


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Friday Update on June 1 2018


First, a major omission in recognizing a major contributor to the City Park Playground Build and that is the Mariani Nut Company Foundation who was a top donor to the project. Without question, Mariani Nut is a major contributor to our community in many ways. They were a major donor to the first playground build in 1989 and their generosity was one of the key elements to spearheading the 2017 build. They are a major benefactor to the Winters community through grants and scholarships to graduates from Winters High School. From a corporate generosity standpoint, they are a model in Winters!

Lots of other stuff this week:

  • City Council Meeting has a very full consent calendar with City Wide Assessment District, Weed Abatement, Street Closure for the July 3rdparty, a Proclamation for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Environmental Monitoring Services for the Elderberry Conservation Easement, the Habitat Conservation Plan and the City’s Appropriation Limit.
  • City Staff met with representatives of the Bellvue North Group who own 400+ acres in the north part of the City and our General Plan area. Overall, a really good meeting regarding the area.
  • The Downtown Hotel is looking up! We are in full inspection on the project and so far, so good.
  • The Winters Police Department will now be carrying Nalaxone in all of our Police vehicles to help potential overdoses of persons with overdoses. Click HERE for the full story.
  • Slow down on Railroad Ave both coming into town and out. The speed limits have been adjusted and Police will begin enforcement.
  • Staff is working to address issues regarding vandalism in the City Park Restrooms. The reality is people do some pretty awful things in public restrooms which children and other visitors are being subjected to when they visit the park. It’s a persistent issue which is probably one of the most frustrating we deal with at the City. For people who see issues in the restrooms, before putting pictures up on social media and complaining, give City Hall a call so we can get someone out there to address the issue.
  • A little insight into our public restrooms! We expect that the restrooms (City and Rotary Parks) will be vandalized every day! Also, we do not lock the restrooms over night, because if they are locked, people will ultimately relieve themselves elsewhere in the park, most likely directly outside the restroom or in areas where children play. We have a professional company do a sanitizing clean three days and our staff cleans them on the weekends. There are two restrooms a side and we keep one locked each day and one open so 7 days a week we start with a clean restroom. Unfortunately, we have no power over when people will do disgusting things and it never fails that it is when a bunch of parents and children are on their way to the park. Like I said, if you see something, give us a call.
  • June 2 is Elder Day in Winters. The community will recognize John Barbee age 97, Helen Hosier age 90, Evelyne David age 99, Mary Jean Vaughan  01/11/192, Ben Shimomura  age 98, Brigita Alarcon 10/08/1928, Jose Diaz   09/26/1928. The program is at the Community Center and begins 2:00.

Finally, being the City Manager of a small town involves some highs and lows. In less than a 24 hour period this week I got to experience both in very dramatic ways.

On Memorial Day, I attended the services held at the Winters Cemetery which was sponsored by the Winters Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Cemetery District. It was our hometown at its best, with the Boy Scouts conducting a flag ceremony, the Brownies and Girl Scouts  doing the flag salute and the Star Spangled Banner. Mayor Wade Cowen gave an incredible speech on the meaning and history of Memorial Day and the day was culminated with the ceremonial wreath laying by Kimi Kato, the widow of Winters resident Pete Kato who went from a Japanese Internment Camp to a part of the most decorated division in the United States Military in World War II. Music was provided by ARC Guitar owner Al Calderon. The day was a little windy, but one of the most patriotic and beautiful ceremonies I have ever experienced. It never amazes me how folks coming together in our town can top anything you may see at any of the major events anywhere. It was just beautiful!

On the following Tuesday morning, I received notice from our Police Department that Robert Duvall, our Police Chaplain had been dispatched to give a death notification due to an auto accident. The name was Julia Millon. I almost fell down!!

Julia was a Winter High Valedictorian in 2008 and was a rising star with the Winters Express as the associate editor. I had considerable interaction with Julia in her coverage of the City and she had recently interviewed us about the demise of our redevelopment agency. She was bright, articulate and someone who certainly was a star in our community.

The thought of her passing was an absolute tragedy. All you can say about potential, future and loss can be attributed to her sudden death. Without question, she will be missed by many and her friends. We at City Hall have been especially sad!

Being a small town City Manager is an absolute blessing but the times when you are privy to bad news is the absolute worst. You get to know so many people, their families, kids, co-workers and the people. You lose a lot because the small town brings us all together and when one is taken, it’s a time of sadness.

I count my blessings for the times we all come together as well as the times where we mourn.


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06/05/18 City Council Meeting

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Friday Update on May 24 2018


A couple items before the Memorial Day weekend:

  • The Planning Commission took on a number of issues the other night involving food trucks (sent back to staff for more research), elimination of a park parcel in a new subdivision (approved) and an interpretation regarding vertical development along Dry Creek (approved). The City has an exceptionally good Planning Commission with thorough insight and they are doing their homework. Well done this week.
  • Staff and Main Street Property Owners met to discuss the undergrounding of utilities in Newt’s Expressway. Overall a good meeting with more work to do!
  • Interviews for a new Human Resources Manager will happen next week.
  • Congratulations to the Winters High School Varsity Baseball Team for a 30-1 record and another Northern Section Title for WHS. A championship group with an amazing coach in Jeff Ingles. Coach Ingles has more than 500 career victories and has coached 29 playoff teams, 20 league champions and 13 section champions in 20 title-game appearances. Players and parents alike with agree that Jeff Ingles teaches the players more about success in life than just the baseball field. Winters is blessed to have someone like Coach Ingles guiding our varsity program!

Finally, Memorial Day is a chance for us to remember and honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of liberty and freedom in our Armed Forces. Services will be held at the Winters Cemetery on Monday, May 25 at 10 am.

A couple years ago, I was at a presentation by a representative of the “Gold Star Mothers”, a support group which helps families who have lost loved ones in military service. The presentation was absolutely riveting because most cases involve relatively young service members who had died in battle. The “mother” who spoke to our group lost a 21 year old son in Afghanistan two years prior. My heart absolutely dropped when I considered that my own son was the exact same age.

Her story told about a motivated young man who joined the service following a cadet program in high school and his desire to find and take advantage of the many opportunities available in our armed services.  He was a star high school athlete who wanted to serve his country while trying to figure out what he wanted to do in his life. A close family which was heartbroken at his passing, yet proud of his service and conviction.

You can imagine over the time of humanity, the individuals who have given their lives in defense of a cause. The families and friends who are impacted along with the potential loss with the passing. Both heroic and tragic at the same time.

In the United States and elsewhere, those who have given their lives so others may live in liberty and freedom are true hero’s. We can all feel blessed for the service and sacrifice for these men and women.

Hopefully people will take a moment on Memorial Day to remember those who have died in service of us all along with their families and friends who have sacrificed their loved ones.


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Friday Update on May 18 2018


A really good week:

·         Today, the Central Valley Flood Protection Board in a unanimous vote, granted permits for the Phase 3 Putah Creek Restoration Project. This was a four year effort which entailed considerable technical and legal review and it was through the efforts of the staff from the Flood Board, the Attorney General’s Office and the tenacity of the folks from the Solano County Water Agency for finally getting the permit. Concurrently, the Army Corps of Engineers also issued their permits on the project this morning. This means the project will move forward in the fall.

·         Special recognition on this needs to go to many folks, but especially the Solano County Water Agency (Roland Sanford, Thomas Pate and Chris Lee), the entire Winters Putah Creek Committee, the amazing folks from the Putah Creek Council, the Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee and Putah Creek Trout. Special thanks to both Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar Curry and Senator Bill Dodd for their support on the project.

·         A busy Planning Commission this week with a Food Truck Application for Grant/Railroad, a solar project at the WJUSD Office and the Wastewater Treatment Facility Master Plan.

·         Staff has approved a sales trailer for the Callahan Estates Subdivision. Looks like things are ramping up for new home sales.

·         A meeting of Downtown Property Owners will occur next Thursday to discuss the undergrounding of utilities in Newt’s Expressway.

·         The dedication of the City Park Playground from the Project Playground Team was an amazing day. This is a very special group which did a project with will benefit our town for many generations.

·         A special thanks to the key contributors including the Rotary Club of Winters, Winters Friends of the Library, Russ and Kathy Lester, Craig and Julie McNamara and the Yocha de He Wintun Nation.

Have a nice weekend.


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05/22/18 Planning Commission Meeting

  • 05/22/18 Planning Commission Meeting (Agenda / Packet ) (pdf)

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05/15/18 City Council Meeting

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Friday Update on May 10, 2018


A couple items this week:

  • The May 15 City Council Meeting will focus on the Yolo County Habitat Conservation Plan as a discussion item and presentation. Additionally, the consent calendar will include a Lease with American Tower, State Mandated Claims Reimbursement, Design Services for a parking lot and alley improvements for the Downtown Hotel, Amplified Sound Permits for weddings in May and a party on Ivy Loop.
  • Yolo County has permitted an outdoor/indoor marijuana grow and manufacturing facility on the Winters border, literally a couple hundred feet from a future street. We will see how the facility impacts the City and hopefully the County will establish some form of regulations regarding such facilities.
  • The arrest of a suspect in a sex trafficking case involving a Winters youth is a major accomplishment for the Winters Police Department. Excellent detective and police work, along with coordination with neighboring jurisdictions and the District Attorney’s Office. Kudo’s to all in the Police Department for their work!
  • Condolences to the folks at Steady Eddies on the demise of their house cat Eddy. A really sad situation for all involved!
  • The Munchkin Summer Camp Program is fundraising. To donate, please contact Nicole Halley at jordanhalley@cityofwinters.org . This is an incredible help for Winters youth during the summer recess with outstanding programs, field trips and enrichment.

Finally, I ran my first marathon on Sunday, May 6 through the Avenue of the Giants up in Humboldt County and the redwood forest. It was an amazing experience and the most physically demanding effort I have ever attempted in my life.

The “process” was an 18 week training program in preparation for the marathon. I trained with an incredible group of coaches and motivated individuals who ran over 700 miles over the entire period leading up to the race. The reality was a complete fitness, nutrition and commitment makeover.

The marathon runners were a pretty elite group because it was a “championship” for a key running association and it also qualifies people for running in the Boston Marathon. 400 in the group, with me having a goal of competing with a decent time and enjoying the experience. I did both!

I will confess that at Mile 23, I hit the proverbial “wall” where both mentally and physically, I reached my maximum limits. My realization was that I was in the middle of a forest, with nobody to help, so I needed to reach down deep both physically and mentally to finish the 26.2 miles. I consider that to be a major accomplishment of that day, as I just started running and finished strong.

After the race, our group took photo’s and cheered our accomplishment. Two folks from my training group qualified for the Boston Marathon and one person achieved a personal record for a marathon. I will share that once my adrenaline went down, I literally passed out, ended up at the ER and took two IV bags (which I totally recommend if you are not feeling well) to get my hydration back up. Not the way I wanted my quest to end, but it “is what it is” and I don’t think it takes away from the training and completion of the race.

My second marathon will be the California International Marathon in Sacramento (December).  I am running in the Memorial Day “Armed Forces” Half Marathon where I will try for a personal best!

Overall, a pretty good week.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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Friday Update on May 4 2018


A couple items this week:

  • Most importantly, the new Downtown Piano has arrived and is ready for its first concert in the Main Street Mini Park. Head on down and play a tune!
  • Staff is working on a status update on the City’s General Plan. Originally adopted in 1992, the plan is a very dynamic document with many components. A full status report will be going to the Planning Commission in June and then on to the City Council in July.
  • The City Budget was the main topic at this week’s City Council Meeting. While there is a lot going on, the City finances are extremely tight going into our next two year financial cycle. The good news is the budgets presented are budget, but we are making some assumptions on the hotels and some development activity which need to come through!
  • The preliminary agenda for the May 15 City Council Meeting includes State Reimbursement Requests, Engineering work for the Downtown Hotel Parking Lot and Alley Improvements, the Yolo Habitat Conservation Program and a cooperative agreement on Animal Services.
  • This week Staff met with a major union organization looking to build a facility similar to the PG&E Gas Academy but for other vocational training. It was a GREAT meeting! We will see….
  • PG&E is hosting an equipment rodeo at the Gas Training Academy on Saturday, May 5. Stop on by and check it out!!
  • The Winters Garage Sale is scheduled for Satuday, May 12. This year has two themes: “Better stuff than last year” and “From collecting dust in your garage to mine”. Clear out that closet and garage, find someone in the core area to put your stuff on their lawn and make some money. Spaces (on an assigned basis only) are available at City Park for those out of towners. For more information or a space at City Park call 530-795-4919.

Finally, City-wide, we have people who are going into cars and stealing contents. The Police Department has done a good job of warning folks to “lock your vehicles” but sometimes breaking the old thinking that this is Winters and people just do not do such things gets by you. The other night, after working late, I went out to my vehicle parked behind City Hall and found the door open and that someone had gone through the unlocked vehicle. They took some change from the drink holder and that was about it. Like Dorothy, I found “I was not in Kansas anymore”. I didn’t report it because I know it is a waste of time.

At City Hall, we know the individuals who are essentially checking cars and casing the downtown area to steal items. One day we saw one individual looking inside one of our conference rooms, obviously looking for something to grab and steal.

The reality is that California (under Proposition 47) has essentially legalized theft and there is practically nothing which can be done to people who are stealing from you. As I have discussed this incident with folks, they suggest confronting the people, but the facts are that if you do that, you actually get in more trouble for confronting the thief than from them stealing from you. Imagine stopping someone in the act of stealing your property and going to jail because your stopping them was the crime and not the theft.

California seems to be changing how it deals with people who commit crimes to the detriment of those who do not. Pretty amazing and really sad.

Moral to the story- Lock your car!



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Recreation Co-Ed Adults Slow Pitch Softball

Roster Sign Up, Agreement, Waiver & Release (pdf)

Recreation Co-Ed Adults Slow Pitch Softball

This year’s City of Winters recreation softball league is open to everyone ages 18 and older.  The cost is $350 per team.  Games will be played on Wednesday nights (lower less competitive league) and Thursday nights (upper more competitive league). *If we don’t get enough teams to fill both leagues then we will only be playing on Thursday nights* All games will be played at the Little League Park.  The season will start the first week of June.  You may only play on one team.  If you have a team to register please pick up a roster at City Hall.  If you want to play but don’t have a team you can go into City Hall and be added to our Free Agent List. Sign-ups will end May 20th, all teams’ rosters must be turned in and signed by every player.

For more information please contact Angela Martinez at 530-650-3903. All managers will be contacted prior to the league starting for information about the Managers Meeting.

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Bobbie Greenwood Community Swim Center – Summer 2018 info

Starting June 1, 2018, the pool will be open. Please see attached fliers for info about Recreation Swim times, Adult Lap Swim Times, Swim Lessons and Swim Team. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Karla Sanders at 530-794-6700.

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City of Winters Drop Off Event, May 12, 2018

City of Winters Drop Off Event, May 12 2018

Click for pdf

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Friday Update on April 27 2018


A couple items for this week:

First, this is Youth Day weekend. Things kick off Friday night Downtown with the Duck Race and Fourth Friday Festival! Then Saturday begins with the Rotary Pancake Breakfast at the Community Center, the Parade at 10 then a day long festival at City Park. The evening is capped with a concert at City Park!

City Council Meeting highlights for next Tuesday include:

  • Budget Workshop for the Fiscal Years 2018-19 and 2019-20
  • Second Reading of the speed ordinance of Railroad Ave.
  • Budget Adjustment for Water Well Repairs
  • Lease agreement for agricultural operations on wastewater fields.

A couple notes on the proposed budgets:

  • Both budgets in their preliminary form are balanced for the first time in almost 4 years. Overall good news and a sign that some of the economic growth and development are kicking in! This is good news for the economics of the City in the long run.
  • From a revenue standpoint, we are projecting both hotels will go online by 2019 and that we will see almost 300 residential permits over the course of the next two years. Residential housing demand is high in town and we expect to see lots of new homes to meet that demand.
  • Capital projects includes significant street maintenance throughout key streets in town. This is very good news for many reasons.
  • The budgets include funds to pursue designs for a new sports park and a new community center in the Downtown.
  • In 2019-20, we are projecting adding positions in both the Police and Fire Departments.

Staff views 2018-19 as a “very tight” budget year with revenues starting to move up in the first quarter of 2019.

Some other notes:

  • Sales tax numbers are in for the fourth quarter of 2017 and we saw an increase of almost 12%. The report has only one month of the new Starbucks and some late reporting from some key businesses in the quarter under review. Overall, the Winters business community seems to be doing well!!
  • The new Roundabout was damaged in the past few days. Not a good thing and you wonder what some people are thinking. We are increasing security measures as we speak and hope to catch the person who did the damage. Someone on a backhoe.
  • Winters is in the running for a USA Today contest as the “Best Small Town Food Scene” in America. To vote, please go to http://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-small-town-food-scene-2018/ .

Finally, the Winters Joint Unified School District honored four Winters residents in their first “Hall of Fame” induction ceremony. It was really nice!

Those honored included:

  • Long time Winters art teacher Sally Paul who taught in the District for over 30 years and inspired an impressive number of students to follow their passions in creativity. She recounted some fun stories about the enlightenment of some students through art projects and research.
  • Richard Rominger both a student and later a trustee for the District. Rich shared a story about being a sophomore at WHS when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and President Franklin Roosevelt declared war in what became World War II. He also recounted the great fire which burned down WHS and how he finished his high school education in random buildings and rooms around town.
  • Bobbie Rominger, long time community member and swim icon in the City.
  • Jack Graf who graduated from Winters High, was a student,  teacher, principal, WJUSD superintendent and then County Superintendent of Schools. The best story was from Jack’s son John who told the story about the time as a Principal Jack caught a kid who had set a trash can on fire in the school quad. Jack called the student into the office and sent him home with the trash can and made him clean it to shiny new! The kids parent called Jack and home and thanked him for teaching his child an important lesson. In today’s world, Jack would probably be hung in the local media for being insensitive to the student and we would be dealing with a nation-wide student walkout against punishing students without first letting them express themselves.

The evening was hosted by Superintendent Todd Cutler and the Board of Trustees. It was a first class event and one which they plan to perpetuate.

Happy Youth Day!


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Winters Nominated for Best Small Town Food Scene- Please vote


Winters is nominated for the “Best Small Town Food Scene in America” on the USA Today website!  We have until May 14th to vote and keep the recognition and publicity for our town! 

Rules say we can Vote once a day!

We started at 19th and went to 11th overnight.
Now, we’re at 7th in the NATION! In two days!!!
It’s working!  The rules say you can vote once a day.
Try to vote every day until May 14th!

Here’s the link:

  1. Click on the link below
  2. Click on Browse Current Contests, (right under the USA Today Readers’ Choice circle)
  3. Click on Best Small town Food Scene
  4. Click on Winters (at the very bottom, left side) and press the blue “VOTE” bar.
  5. Repeat tomorrow!


Or here to get the direct link to vote for Winters:  http://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-small-town-food-scene-2018/winters-california/

Spread the word. Vote every day. We have until May 14th!

–John W. Donlevy, Jr., City Manager

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05/01/18 City Council Meeting

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