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12/11/18 Special Planning Commission Meeting

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12/11/18 Special Planning Commission Meeting

  • 12/11/18 Special Planning Commission Meeting (Agenda / Packet) (pdf)

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Text to 911 Now Available in Yolo County

Text to 911 Now Available in Yolo County
Call If You Can, Text if You Can’t

Yolo County residents needing emergency services are now able to text their situation to emergency dispatchers.
Text-to-911 is intended primarily for use in specific emergency scenarios:

  • for an individual who is speech, or hearing, impaired;
  • for a person who is unable to call 911 due to a medical emergency that renders them unable to speak;
  • in the event of a crime such as a home invasion where speaking might give away the location of a person hiding, or in an abduction situation; or,
  • in domestic violence situations where it’s not safe to make a voice call.

When determining whether to make voice call or send a text keep the following in mind:

  • Callers should text 911 only when calling is not an option
  • Texting is not always instantaneous, which means it may take slightly longer to dispatch emergency services in a text-to-911 situation
  • Providing location information and nature of the emergency in the first text message is imperative, since
  • Yolo County 911 may not receive location information and will not be able to speak with the person sending the text. Text abbreviations or slang should never be used to that the intent of the message can be as clear as possible.
  • Those who use the system must have a cell phone that is activated and capable of sending text messages in order to reach 911 via text. There is no charge to the customer for sending a text to 911.

How to text 911 in an emergency:

  • Enter the numbers “911” in the “To” field;
  • The first text message to 911 should be brief and contain the location of the emergency and the type of help needed;
  • Push the “Send” button.
  • Be prepared to answer questions and follow instructions from the 911 call taker.
  • Text in simple words – do not use abbreviations or emojis.
  • Do not send pictures or attachments
  • Keep text messages brief and concise.

We encourage anyone who has any further questions to please contact our dispatch center. We would be happy to provide further education on these services including a test scenario from your phone at a scheduled time.

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Friday Update on November 9 2018


A short recap of some key items from the City Council Meeting and how Winters is helping on the Camp Fire which has destroyed the Town of Paradise.

  • The City Council approved an increase in the City’s Development Impact Fees which are charged to new development to offset the impacts toward new future facilities and as a “buy in” to facilities which are already constructed but the new development benefits from. The last impact fee increases were in 2003 and 2010. The main measure of comparable fees is medium density residential units, which will see an increase of approximately 382 per new residential unit over the fees from 2010 (which were drastically lowered because of the 2008 recession). The increases are main generated by the addition of two projects to the program which include a new Community Center and a 22 acre active sports park for new baseball/softball, soccer and other amenities. The fees will go into effect on January 1, 2019.
  • The Council also included two amendments to the Waste Management contract, including an allowance for fines for contamination (trash) in the organics container, overages (too much trash set out beyond the capacity of the bins) and about a $1 increase because of adjustments at the County Landfill to cover tipping fees due to some upcoming capital projects and new environmental regulations.
  • Parking Fees– the Council approved a resolution to increase parking fines to $30 from $15 which essentially covers our administrative costs. Our parking fines are about half of those in neighboring jurisdictions.
  • The Circulation Master Plan was approved which provides for the roadway and traffic improvements all the way to build-out of the City. The plan essentially includes some widening of Grant Ave from the 505 to E. Main Street, future traffic signals at 505 and E. Main Street and future roundabouts at Morgan and Dutton Streets. Improvements are predicated on the total buildout of the City which is now estimated at 2036 and beyond. The overall goal of the program is to address both safety and the reduction of congestion through town.

Overall a pretty comprehensive meeting on really important items.

A reminder about the Winters Fire “All you can peel and eat” Shrimp Feed on Saturday, November 10 at the Fire Station with Cocktails starting at 5 and Dinner at 6. Proceeds go to the Toys for Kids Program.

Finally, our efforts to help the Town of Paradise.

Winters has sent both Police and Fire Personnel to what can only be described as a devastated area. As of Friday, they estimate 15,000 structures have been completely destroyed including the Town Hall, the commercial district, a hotel and a hospital. Reports from the City personnel are that the area is significantly impacted, mostly homes have been totally burned and the residents and businesses need our prayers. We were on the Santa Rosa Fire and they describe it in that context.

OES 333 is on the fire line with no relief, so they were asked to work another 24 today. They are a part of OES 4816A team and currently enroute to Magalia. Staff has said everyone is holding up, a little tired but they are on a mission and working hard is expected. Let’s just hope they get some rest tomorrow.  The 4 that went on the strike team include Captain Matt Schechla, Driver Operator Victor Diaz, FF Junior Mederos, FF Alex Mercer.

The Sacramento Valley City Manager’s are mounting a relief effort to help the Town of Paradise with staff assistance for both short term relief and long term recovery in their EOC, field operations and administratively. The process of recovery is a difficult and significant maze which can be difficult to negotiate with State and Federal agencies. Its times like these that we need to combine talents and know how to help a community in need. The Town Manager of Paradise along with her staff are a small and mighty group, but many have been equally affected with their homes destroyed and families impacted.

For those wishing to help or donate toward aid for Camp Fire victims, the following has been forwarded to us https://www.nvcf.org/fund/camp-fire-evacuation-relief-fund/

Keep the communities in this area in your prayers.



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Planning Commission Meeting 11/13/18

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Strategic Planning Workshops Scheduled- City of Winters

Strategic Planning Workshops Scheduled- City of Winters

The City of Winters will be holding a series of Strategic Planning Workshops which are open to all members of the Winters Community to attend and participate. The workshops will be topical and include working to establish priorities on key issues which will fold into an overall Strategic Plan for the City to focus on.

The dates and topics are as follows:

  • November 14, 2018- Infrastructure (Water, Wastewater, Streets, etc)
  • December  12, 2018- Public Safety (Fire, Police, Animal Services)
  • January 23, 2019- Planning and Economic Development
  • February 6, 2019- Community Facilities and Services (parks, facilities and services)
  • February 27, 2019- City Organization and Structure (succession planning)
  • March 22-23, 2019- Two all day Strategic Planning Workshop (9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

The culmination of the work will be a facilitated workshop on March 22-23 which will help take the many issues and help develop the overall Strategic Plan which will be for the next 10-20 years.

All workshops will be held at the Winters Public Safety Facility (700 Main Street) in the EOC Training Room from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

For more information, please contact John.Donlevy@cityofwinters.org

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Friday Update on November 1 2018


A day early so you can plan your weekend!

City Council Agenda:

  • Amendment to Waste Management Contract for Contamination and Overage Charges
  • Yolo Mosquito and Vector Update
  • Budget Adjustments for Recycling Funds
  • HOME Program Subcontractor- Blue Mountain Terrace Senior Apartments
  • Claim Against the City
  • Fire Department Records Management System
  • Utility Easement- Olive Grove Subdivision
  • Public Improvements Dedication- Callahan Estates
  • Parcel Coneyance- Senior Center property.

Discussion Items:

  • Development Impact Fee Public Hearing
  • Circulation Master Plan
  • Waste Management Rate Increase- Tipping Fees
  • Parking Fines and Adjudication.


  • A Dia de los Muertos Celebration will be held at the Winters Cemetery on Friday November 2, 2018 starting at 4:00. This is sponsored by the Hispanic Advisory Committee and will be followed by a screening of the movie “Coco” at the Winters Middle School.
  • The 3rd Annual Salmon Festival– 2018 will be on Saturday, November 3 from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. at Rotary Park. Displays, food and creek tours with a chance of seeing some salmon coming up the creek. Fun for the entire family!

A couple items of interest:

  • A signing ceremony for the Yolo Conservancy Habitat Conservation Program was held in West Sacramento. This was a big day for both Yolo and the environment. The ceremony was the culmination of over 25 years of effort and collaboration to streamline the mitigation process of government while helping in the preservation and sustainability of hawks, owls, snakes and invertibrates. Kudos to the many who have participated in an important program.
  • Permit issuance on the freeway hotel is looking imminent. Staff went through our checklists and are about to notify the developer to come in a pick up the permit.
  • On Monday, November 5 at the City of Davis, Staff and Mayor Pro Tem Wade Cowan will be attending a critical meeting on Animal Services for Yolo County. This will be the first of two meetings in November where the formation of a new governance structure will be discussed to improve overall animal services for all of Yolo County.
  • Follow the adventures of Woody and Rebecca Fridae as they travel across Europe in their blog. This week they are in Romania, but you can catch up on France, Belgium, Germany and soon to be in Greece. Go to https://fridae.blog/ .

Finally, file this under  “damned if you do damned don’t” in regards to the City of Winters App. Since going to the City Council for approval, social media and email has brought lots of comments which shows that there are lots of opinions on lots of things! The goal of the App is to put in place an avenue available to folks to dynamically report issues and gain information from the City. Apps have become a common avenue for these types of functions in the modern era and something many cities are turning to as one of the tools to achieve a higher level of responsiveness.

A key reason Staff looked into the App was to quell the issues and answer folks on social media who don’t report issues to the City but can broadcast issues over the various social media platforms instead of calling City Hall to report the problem. An easy link via Facebook or our website for active folks to quickly access the app, report the need and facilitate a response was seen as a means to an end! Uh, not so easy. Part of the budget was to print signs to include in key City locations for easy download and access to the App, including for visitors in the Downtown and future hotels.

An interesting phenomenon are the comments and emails from tech folks who all seem to essentially attack the tech option. The comments on “assessment of citizen engagement needs” from the tech folks essentially recommends steering off the tech option and “exploring” other alternatives than the City App OR waiting for something new to come along. Some experts suggest we assign people to monitor the numerous social media platforms, which is simply not going to happen.

We are working on an implementation plan for the App. If in the end, we can establish another tool for our residents and visitors to communicate issues to us, we will call it a success. We currently have phone, email, snail mail and our City website. One more options should not hurt.

So, damned if we do, damned if we don’t!

Have a nice weekend.


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11/06/18 City Council Meeting

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Friday Update on October 26 2018


Next week is a fifth week of the month, so no City Council meeting. A couple items being worked on by City Staff:

  • This weeks Planning Commission had a couple items including an update of the City’s Circulation Master Plan and revisions to the Municipal Code in regards to food trucks. Both were recommended to the City Council with the Circulation Master Plan being reviewed at the November 6 meeting and the Food Truck on December 4.
  • The Food Truck Ordinance is a pretty dynamic issue. The State just enacted SB 946 which essentially allows “sidewalk vending” to occur almost anywhere within a City. In the case of food trucks, the City has limited them to only commercially zoned areas and on private property but the vending carts can go almost anywhere on sidewalks and the public right of way within the parameters that they are licensed.  My sense is that the future of vending will be pretty interesting since the establishment of the vending carts can occur in residential areas and they can sell practically anything except alcohol and tobacco. Stay tuned.
  • Staff is actively working on the striping of Downtown for parking. We are currently evaluating locations for additional diagonal spaces (versus parallel) along Abbey Street as well as location on East Main Street. Once we have a plan we need to grind some markings off the pavement and begin a process of repainting which will include practically every space in the Downtown area.
  • Parking fines and a process for adjudication will be on the November 6 City Council Agenda. We expect to have everything in place for an active parking enforcement program for just after the first of the year.
  • Folks with motor homes and fifth wheels need to move them off the street and back to storage! The Police Department gave everyone a late summer reprieve as people finished off those late summer trips. It is now time for people to get their recreational vehicles and trailers back into storage or get a ticket. We did an entire summer of warnings but the reality is tickets will be next on the list.
  • The Rotary Club of Winters was at both Waggoner and Shirley Rominger Schools on Thursday reading poems and giving away books to kids. Check out these Rotarians in action by clicking HERE.
  • Tonight is the Downtown Harvest Festival beginning at 5:30. Great food, wine and music to entertain and start the weekend off right!
  • The 7-0 WHS Warriors are in Durham for a League game. Go Warriors!

Have a nice weekend.


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Munchkin Summer Camp (MSC)

Munchkin Summer Camp (MSC)

Mission Statement: We strive to provide a fun, safe and successful program for students to learn and grow during the summer. We will provide each student with the opportunity to improve academically, socially and physically while minimizing summer learning loss.

2019 summer registration begins: Thursday, March 1, 2019.

Packets will be available at City Hall, Waggoner Elementary School front office, Shirley Rominger Intermediate School front office and ALL Winters After School Program classrooms.

All Registration Packets and tuition MUST be turned into City Hall, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Serving: students going into 1st grade – students going into 8th grade (for the 2019-20 school year) no exceptions.

High School Internships available for 8 responsible students wishing to work with students during the hours of 8:30-4:30 Monday-Friday.

Hours of Operation: 8am-5pm, with breakfast served at 8:00am, gates open at 8:00am.

Days of Operation: Monday-Friday and closed for Thursday, July 4, 2018.

1st Session:  June 10- June 28          2nd Session: July 1- July 19 
Breakfast, Lunch and PM Snack is included.

Tuition: $250 per child per session; discounted tuition is given to children qualifying for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program through the school district when providing the qualification letter.  $150 per child per session for those qualifying and  turning in a Reduced Lunch Letter and $125 per child per session for those qualifying and  turning in a Free Lunch Letter; no multiple child discount.  Payment plans available.

Daily attendance is not required; parent must notify staff of child’s attendance schedule ahead of time.

MSC does take children to and from swim team daily.  Parents must inform MSC staff of the child’s swim team start and finish time as soon as possible.  MSC staff does not take children to swim team pictures.  Children will not be taken to swim team on field trip days (Wednesdays).

Daily Schedule includes: Academics, Reading, Enrichment Activities, Recreation, STEM, Performing Arts, Free Play and Nutritious Meals/Snack.

Weekly Schedule includes: Field Trips- City Park, Town Pool, Museums, Ice Cream, Movies

This program is funded and operated through community contributions as well as minimal tuition. Donations are greatly appreciated. Please make donations payable to: City of Winters- Munchkin Summer Camp. Please send donations to: City of Winters-MSC, 318 First Street, Winters, CA 95694.

Programa de Verano Munchkin

Nuestra misión: Nos esforzamos para proveer un programa divertido, seguro y exitoso para que los estudiantes puedan aprender y crecer durante el verano. Vamos a proveer a cada estudiante la oportunidad de mejorar academicamente, socialmente y físicamente mientras minimizamos la perdida de aprendizaje durante el verano.

La registracion del verano 2018 comienza: Jueves  Marzo 1, 2018.

Los Paquetes estaran disponibles en el Ayuntamiento (City Hall), la oficina de la escuela Waggoner, la oficina de la escuela Shirley Rominger y TODOS los salones del Programa Despues de la Escuela de Winters.

Todos los Paquetes de Registracion y el pago de matriculacion TIENEN que ser entregados en el Ayuntamiento (City Hall) que esta abierto de Lunes-Viernes de 8am-5pm.

Servicio: Para estudiantes entrando a 1er grado hasta estudiantes entrando al 8vo grado (para el curso escolar 2018-2019) no excepciones.

Hay 8 espacios disponibles para practicipantes responsables de High School deseando trabajar con estudiantes.

Horas de Operación: 9am-5pm, con desayuno servido a las 8am, las puertas se abren a las 8am.

Dias de Operación: Lunes-Viernes y cerrado Miercoles 4 de Julio, 2018.

1ra Sesión: Junio 11-Junio 29

2da Sesión: Julio 2-Julio 20

Desayuno, Almuerzo y Merienda de la tarde son incluidos.

Pago de la Matriculación: $250.00 por estudiante por sesión o $150.00 por estudiante por sesión para los que califican y entreguen una carta del Distrito de Almuerzo Gratis/Reducido; no hay descuento por tener a varios estudiantes; planes de pagos disponibles.

La asistencia diaria no es requerida; los padres tienen que notificar al personal del Programa de Verano Munchkin con anticipación del horario de asistencia del estudiante.

El Programa de Verano Munchkin lleva y regresa todos los dias a los estudiantes que esten en el equipo de natación.

Programa Diario incluye: Academico, Lectura, Actividades de Enriquecimiento, Recreación, STEM, Realización de Artes, Juego Libre y Comidas/Meriendas Nutritivos.

Programa Semanal incluye: Paseos- Parque de la Ciudad, Piscina Local, Museos, Heladería y Películas.

El Programa de Verano Munchkin incluye: Cuatro Paseos fuera de la Ciudad.

Este Programa esta fundado y operado por medio de las donaciones de la comunidad y los pagos minimos de matriculacion. Por favor haga sus donaciones a: City of Winters-Munchkin Summer Camp. Por favor mande sus donaciones a: City of Winters-MSC, 318 First Street, Winters Ca 95694.

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Winters After School Program (WASP)

Winters After-School Program (WASP)

2018-2019 Registration begins: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

(2019-20 Registration begins: Tuesday, May 7, 2019)

Packets will be available Tuesday, April 30, 2018, at: City Hall, Waggoner Elementary School front office, Shirley Rominger Intermediate School front office and all Winters After-School Program classrooms.

All Registration Packets and tuition MUST be turned into City Hall, open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Serving students: 1st-5th grade, no exceptions.

Hours of Operation: after school to 6pm.

Days of Operation: Monday-Friday, closed for all holidays WJUSD recognizes.  PM Snack is included.

Tuition: $100 a month per student.  Discounted tuition is given to those qualifying for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program through the school district.  Discounts are as follows: $25 a month for those qualifying for FREE Lunch, $50 a month for those qualifying for REDUCED Lunch.  Free/Reduced Lunch letters must be provided to WASP staff to receive the tuition discount.  No discounts for multiple children.

Daily attendance is required; parent must notify staff of child’s extra-curricular activities and ensure student is only absent from WASP for reasons listed on the Early Release Policy.

Daily Schedule includes: Academics (Homework/Homework Assistance), Reading, Enrichment Activities, Recreation, Free Play and Nutritious Snack.  WASP does not offer tutoring.

Weekly Schedule includes: Science, Nutrition, Presentations or Field Trips.

Volunteers: High School or College volunteers are welcome and needed. One volunteer per class is needed per day.

This program is funded and operated through the ASES grant in cooperation of the City of Winters and the Winters Joint Unified School District as well as community donations.

Donations are greatly appreciated.  Please make donations payable to: City of Winters- Winters After School Program.  Please send donations to: City of Winters-WASP, 318 First Street, Winters, CA 95694.

For more information, please call Nicole Jordan Halley @ 794-6709.

Follow the Winters After School Program on Facebook


GOAL:  To provide a successful and engaging program for the promotion of a quality education and the enhancement of social skills in a safe environment, both mentally and physically, to all youths of Winters for the betterment of our community.

Desired Results:

  • Participants receive homework assistance in order to improve their academic skills and confidence.
  • Improve social skills and build relationships with peers in a safe and fun environment.
  • Engage participants in diverse enrichment learning opportunities.

The City of Winters After School Program commences immediately after the regular school day and is open until 6:00pm.

Students will participate in:

  • An educational and literacy component element
  • An educational enrichment element, such as arts and crafts, field trips, music and/or dance.
  • Nutritious snack
  • Recreation time

Committed to empowering children through education and beyond.”

In accordance with Federal civil rights law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and policies, the USDA, its agencies, offices, and employees, and institutions participating in or administering USDA programs are prohibited from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, or reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity in any program or activity conducted or funded by USDA.
Persons with disabilities who require alternative means of communication for program information (e.g. Braille, large print, audiotape, American Sign Language, etc.), should contact the Agency (State or local) where they applied for benefits.  Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339.  Additionally, program information may be made available in languages other than English.
To file a program complaint of discrimination, complete the 
USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, (AD-3027) found online at:http://www.ascr.usda.gov/complaint_filing_cust.html, and at any USDA office, or write a letter addressed to USDA and provide in the letter all of the information requested in the form. To request a copy of the complaint form, call (866) 632-9992. Submit your completed form or letter to USDA by:
(1) mail: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410;
(2) fax: (202) 690-7442; or
(3) email: 
This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


Programa Despues de la Escuela de Winters

La Registracion del 2018-2019 comienza: Mayo 1, 2018.

(La Registracion del 2019-2020 comienza: Mayo 7, 2018)

Los Paquetes estaran disponibles el Lunes Abril 30 en: el City Hall, la oficina de la escuela Waggoner, la oficina de la escuela Shirley Rominger y todos los salones del Programa Despues de la Escuela de Winters.

Todos los Paquetes de Registracion y pago de matriculacion TIENEN que ser entregados en el Ayuntamiento (City Hall) que esta abierto de Lunes-Viernes de 8am-5pm.

Servicio: Para estudiantes de 1er-5to grado, no excepciones.

Horas de Operación son despues de la escuela hasta las 6pm.

Dias de Operación: Lunes-Viernes, cerrado para los dias festivos que el Distrito escolar de Winters reconoce. Merienda de la tarde esta incluido.

Pago de Matriculacion: Costos de matricula seran cobrado por cada niño inscribido en el programa.  $25 al mes por los estudiantes que califican en recibir almuerzo gratis.  $50 al mes para los estudiantes que califican en recibir almuerzo reducido y $100 al mes para los estudiantes que no califican.  No hay descuentos para familias con mas de un niño en el programa.

Se require asistencia diaria; los padres tienen que notificar al personal del Programa Despues de La Escuela sobre las actividades extra-curriculares del estudiante y asegurarse que el estudiante solamente este ausente en el Programa Despues de la Escuela por alguna de las razones que se encuentran en la Poliza de Salida Temprano.

Programa Diario incluye: Academico (Tarea, Asistencia con la tarea), Lectura, Actividades de Enriquecimiento, Recreación, Juego Libre y Merienda Nutritivo. El Programa Despues de la Escuela NO ofrece tutoria.

Programa Semanal incluye: Ciencia, Presentaciones y Paseos.

Voluntarios: Voluntarios de la High School y el Colegio son bienvenidos y necesarios. Se necesita un voluntario diario por clase.

Este programa esta fundado y operado por medio del subsidio de ASES en cooperación con la Ciudad de Winters y el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Winters y donaciones de la comunidad.

Las donaciones son muy apreciadas. Por favor mande sus donaciones a:

City of Winters-WASP, 318 First Street, Winters, CA 95694.

Para mas información, por favor llame a Nicole Jordan Halley @ 794-6709.


META: Proveer un programa exitoso e interesante para la promoción de una educación de calidad y el aumento de las habilidades sociales en un ambiente seguro, mental y físico, para todos los jovenes de Winters por el mejoramiento de nuestra comunidad.

Resultados Deseados:

  • Los Participantes reciben asistencia con la tarea para poder mejorar en sus habilidades académicas y en su confianza.
  • Mejorar en las habilidades sociales y construir relaciones con compañeros en un ambiente seguro y divertido.
  • Involucrar participantes en diversas oportunidades de enriquecimiento de aprendizaje.

El Programa de Despues de la Escuela de Winters comienza inmediatamente despues del dia regular de la escuela y esta abierto hasta las 6:00pm.

Los estudiantes participan en:

  • Un componente de educación y alfabetización.
  • Un elemento de enriquecimiento educativo, como artes y artesanías, paseos, música y/o baile.
  • Merienda nutritivo
  • Tiempo de recreación

“Comprometidos para fortalecer a los niños por medio de la educación y mas allá“.

De conformidad con la Ley Federal de Derechos Civiles y los reglamentos y políticas de derechos civiles del Departamento de Agricultura de los EE. UU. (USDA, por sus siglas en inglés), se prohíbe que el USDA, sus agencias, oficinas, empleados e instituciones que participan o administran programas del USDA discriminen sobre la base de raza, color, nacionalidad, sexo, discapacidad, edad, o en represalia o venganza por actividades previas de derechos civiles en algún programa o actividad realizados o financiados por el USDA.

Las personas con discapacidades que necesiten medios alternativos para la comunicación de la información del programa (por ejemplo, sistema Braille, letras grandes, cintas de audio, lenguaje de señas americano, etc.), deben ponerse en contacto con la agencia (estatal o local) en la que solicitaron los beneficios. Las personas sordas, con dificultades de audición o discapacidades del habla pueden comunicarse con el USDA por medio del Federal Relay Service [Servicio Federal de Retransmisión] al (800) 877-8339. Además, la información del programa se puede proporcionar en otros idiomas.

Para presentar una denuncia de discriminación, complete el Formulario de Denuncia de Discriminación del Programa del USDA, (AD-3027) que está disponible en línea en: http://www.ascr.usda.gov/complaint_filing_cust.html y en cualquier oficina del USDA, o bien escriba una carta dirigida al USDA e incluya en la carta toda la información solicitada en el formulario. Para solicitar una copia del formulario de denuncia, llame al (866) 632-9992. Haga llegar su carta o formulario completo al USDA por:

(1)      correo: U.S. Department of Agriculture        (2)      fax: (202) 690-7442; o     (3)   correo electrónico:      program.intake@usda.gov.

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410;

Esta institución es un proveedor que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades.

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Friday Update on October 19 2018


A really short update but some good stuff.

  • Staff met with representatives for the Downtown Hotel. They are shooting for an opening around the start of summer. They are developing their website and marketing materials which should be available before the first of the year. Frankly, it was the most positive meeting we have had on the project in the past few months.
  • As inspections are commencing, the hotel is starting to become very real. Some members of the City team have been onto the roof top bar which has some amazing views of the Creek, hills and the amazing farmland which surrounds us. Many of us can hardly wait for the project to open.
  • A good job by Winters Fire this week for the fire in Putah Creek. The good news is that it cleared out a lot of debris which will benefit the creek during the winter. The bad news was the loss of an excavator and an entire day of smoke enveloping the City.
  • A busy City Council Meeting. The City Council approved moving forward with an App for the City, gave direction regarding scheduling sessions for Strategic Planning and had a very positive discussion on some general plan stuff. Overall, a good meeting.
  • Planning Commission Meeting on Tuesday will include the City’s Circulation Element, Food Trucks and an update to the City’s Emergency Plan Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • A nice presentation on recommendations for Senior Services. To get a copy of the Winters Senior Resources Guide click HERE.
  • For people interested in getting an update on the City’s General Plan, go to HERE.
  • The WintersJUSD will be having a visioning workshop at Shirley Rominger Intermediate School next Thursday,  October 25, 2018 beginning at 6:00.

Have a nice weekend.


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10/23/18 Planning Commission Meeting

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Youth Basketball Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed for Youth Basketball

The youth basketball program relies solely on volunteers to be coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, referees, etc. Your help is always needed and would be greatly appreciated.

For those that would like to volunteer, paperwork can be picked up and returned to City Hall. Volunteer paperwork can also be found on the City’s website at www.cityofwinters.org under the recreation tab but will still need to be turned into city hall.

For more information, call Program Coordinator Ruben Valencia at 530-219-0265 or Karla Jenkins at City Hall, 795-4910, extension 100.

Youth Basketball Volunteer Registration form (pdf)


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