Winter Storm Warning Yolo County / State of CALocal Weather Alerts

Winter Storm Warning
...significant Mountain Snow Today Into The Weekend... .a Significant Early Season Storm Is Forecast To Bring Snow And Wind To The Mountains Of Interior Northern California Through Saturday Evening. A Couple Of Feet Of Snow Are Possible Above 6000 Feet By Saturday Night Over The Higher Elevations. Motorists Planning Travel Into The Mountains During This Time Frame Should ...Read More.
Effective: November 3, 2017 at 2:53pmExpires: November 4, 2017 at 11:00pmTarget Area: West Slope Northern Sierra Nevada; Western Plumas County, Lassen Park

Winter Storm Warning
...winter Storm Warning Remains In Effect Until 11 Pm Pdt Saturday... * What...heavy Snow Expected. Plan On Difficult Travel Conditions Especially Over The Passes. Total Snow Accumulations: Above 7000 Feet 1 To 2 Feet With Localized Higher Amounts. Between 6500 And 7000 Feet 5 To 10 Inches With ...Read More.
Effective: November 3, 2017 at 2:47pmExpires: November 4, 2017 at 11:00pmTarget Area: Greater Lake Tahoe Area

Winter Storm Warning
...winter Storm Warning Remains In Effect From 5 Am Pdt Saturday To 4 Pm Pst Sunday Above 7000 Feet... * What...heavy Snow Expected. Plan On Difficult Travel Conditions. Total Snow Accumulations Of 3 To 5 Inches, With Localized Amounts Up To 10 Inches, Are Still Expected. * Where...sierra Nevada Mountains From Yosemite To Kings Canyon ...Read More.
Effective: November 4, 2017 at 5:00amExpires: November 5, 2017 at 5:00pmTarget Area: Sierra Nevada from Yosemite to Kings Canyon

Yolo County EMS Agency brings lifesaving technology to Yolo County via integrated mobile app

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Yolo County EMS Agency brings lifesaving technology to Yolo County via integrated mobile app

Yolo County EMS Agency brings lifesaving technology to Yolo County via integrated mobile app

Yolo County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Agency and Yolo County fire departments have joined with the PulsePoint Foundation to bring life-saving technology to the region via PulsePoint. The mobile app is designed to increase citizen awareness of cardiac events beyond the traditional “witnessed” area and engage them in potentially life-saving CPR.

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States. The American Heart Association estimates that effective bystander CPR, provided immediately after cardiac arrest, can double or triple a person’s chance of survival. However, less than half of cardiac arrest victims receive bystander CPR and even fewer receive a potentially lifesaving therapeutic shock from a public access AED. Improving bystander CPR rates and access to AEDs is critical to the chain of survival, which requires: (1) early recognition of the emergency and phoning 911 for EMS, (2) early bystander CPR, (3) early delivery of a shock via a defibrillator if indicated and (4) early advanced life support and post-resuscitation care delivered by healthcare providers. Different than a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest is caused when the heart’s electrical system malfunctions and the heart stops working properly. For every minute that passes without a cardiac arrest victim receiving resuscitation, the chances of that person surviving decrease 10 percent. After only 10 minutes the chances of survival are minimal.

Connected with the Yolo County Emergency 911 Dispatch Center and the UC Davis/City of Davis Dispatch Center, the PulsePoint app alerts CPR-trained bystanders when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs in a public place within a quarter-mile of their immediate vicinity. Users will be able to quickly find the victim and begin CPR immediately while waiting for EMS to arrive. The app also gives detailed instructions and locations of nearby automatic external defibrillators (AEDs).

Kristin Weivoda of the Yolo County EMS Agency added: “I highly encourage all Yolo County residents not only to download this life saving mobile app but also to become CPR certified and learn a skill that could one day save a life.”

The PulsePoint app can be downloaded for free on any mobile device. Additionally there is a PulsePoint AED app, which allows the public to register locations of publicly accessible AEDs. For more information on the PulsePoint apps, visit:

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06/08/17 Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee Meeting

06/08/17 Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Meeting Agenda (pdf)

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Friday Update on June 2 2017


Items for the week:

City Council Agenda on Tuesday, June 6:

 ·         Weed Abatement List
·         Transition Plan for sidewalks
·         Old Landfill- Environmental Monitoring
·         Sound Permit for St. Anthony’s Fiesta- June 17
·         Amendment to Sales Tax Monitoring Services
·         Impact Fee Consultant Contract
·         City-wide Assessment District Engineers Report
·         Public Hearing on the use of tax exempt bonds for the Blue Mountain Terrace Senior Project
·         Senior Services Plan Development Agreement with Yolo County
·         Callahan Estates Parcel Map
·         Futsol Court at City Park
·         The City Council will also be recognizing mail carrier Richard Pitts on his 39 years of service to Winters and the US Postal Service.

 An update on a couple issues:

·         The Winters Highlands Subdivision will kick off grading work. On Monday, the pre-construction meeting was held with a very large group of the contractors and City engineering and Public Works. Lot’s of activity is upon us.

·         The Walnut/Grant Roundabout Project award has been delayed pending a review of a bid protest for the contract.

·         Water and Storm Drainage Improvements in Newts Expressway are well underway and going really well. The contractor has 30 days and it is clear that they are going to make that. Well done by all parties so far.

·         The picnic shelter is up at Walnut Park and you cannot miss it! I never saw where it was going to be safety orange, but the good news is that you will be able to find Winters a lot easier on Google Earth.

·         Tomorrow is Elder Day in Winters from 2-4 at the Community Center. There will be a program recognizing over a dozen residents over the age of 90. Come on by for some cake and a program which will honor the nonagenarians! The program is sponsored by the Winters Senior Foundation one of busiest groups in town.

·         Supervisor Don Saylor will be hosting a “Budget and Brew” event at Berryessa Brewing from 4-6 this Saturday, June 3. The Supervisor will be informing and listening to constituents about the County Budget. This is an incredible opportunity to meeting with Don, learn about Yolo County and do it within the context of a great Winters libation!

 Finally, the City of Winters runs on a Fiscal Year (July-June) and the next twelve months are destined to be some of the busiest in the history of our town. Two hotels (Downtown and Freeway), traffic signal, roundabout, Starbucks, a remodeled Chevron, the opening of the PG&E Gas Training Facility, Putah Creek Renovations and the start of some of the largest subdivisions (Winters Highlands and Callahan) in the history of the community. And, much more………………

 It is also going to be one of the tightest financial periods for the City. Typically, property taxes take almost two years to produce revenue, and hotels will not bring transient taxes until they are open. The bottom line is that the City is entering a period where the lag in revenues from taxes and permits will put the City is a time where our cash flows will be impacted and require a very frugal approach to how the City spends.

 People always ask me “wow, you must be getting a ton of money from the new projects”? Not until the projects are done and while they are being built, we are equally spending a lot of money to coordinate and make them happen. City spending is going to be really tight at a time where we have some costs skyrocketing (pension costs especially).

 I will share that we are preparing to freeze some positions expected in the next fiscal budget (new positions in Police and Fire) as well as pressing frugality amongst the City Staff. Belt tightening will be our mantra next year!

 Our goal is to get all of the projected projects to the finish line when we will hopefully see new revenues to bolster our bottom line.

 Have a nice weekend.


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06/06/17 City Council Meeting

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Independence Day Fireworks Celebration

Independence Day Fireworks Celebration

Once again, this year the City of Winters will be celebrating Independence Day on July 3rd. Gates open at Dr. Seller’s Field at Winters High School at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, July 3, 2017, with the fireworks to begin at dusk.

A donation of $1 will be requested for each person over the age of 12 ($5 for a family of 5 or more) entering the field.

No glass, alcohol, animals, or fireworks of ANY kind will be allowed. 

Please help us continue this annual tradition by giving a donation. Donations may be made to the City of Winters Fireworks Fund at either First Northern Bank or City Hall. For more information please call City Hall at 795-4910 ext 100.

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Friday Update


 A short version since most are getting ready for the three day holiday!

 Here are the items on the City Council Agenda’s for the next few weeks:

 City Council Agendas:

June 6, 2017

  • Initiation of Weed Abatement Proceedings
  • Appropriation Limit for FY 2017-2018
  • Infrastructure Transition Plan
  • Amend Landfill Monitoring Services with Wallace Kuhl
  • Amplified Sound Permit Application for St. Anthony’s Fiesta on 6/17/17
  • Project Acceptance:  Walnut Park Phase 2 Improvements
  • Contract with Hdl for Sales Tax Services
  • Roundabout Award for Construction Contract with  B & M Construction
  • Callahan Large Lot Parcel Map
  • Futsal Court

June 20, 2017

  • Consultant Contract with Hansford Consulting
  • Contract Amendment with Wood Rodgers re: North Area Flood Hazard
  • Update on Well 6
  • Callahan Phase 1 Final Map & Public Improvement Agreement
  • On Call Contract with Geo-Tech

         ·            Waste Management Contract

 A couple notes on projects:

          ·            Water and Storm Drain work is occurring in the Newt’s Expressway Alley. So far, so good!

         ·            Starbucks has their permits for the freeway project.

         ·            Chevron has submitted plans for a mostly new station. These are now being plan checked.

         ·            Downtown Hotel has submitted to do some foundation work. Hopefully they will get the balance of their plans in soon.

 Finally, a Memorial Day salute to those who have given their lives in the service to our nation. From the foundation of our country in the revolutionary war to those working to bring peace throughout the world, enough cannot be said in recognition for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so people can be free. A memorial day service will be held at the Winters Cemetery at 10:00.



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Friday Update on May 19, 2017


 Just back from a short trip with some really good news and some project updates:

 ·         Our sordid nightmare regarding Chromium 6 may be over!! The judge in oversight of the Chromium 6 regulation issued an order rejecting the attempts of the State Department of Drinking Water to impose new maximum contaminant levels 90% lower than the Federal standard and essentially eliminating the need for the City to implement a massive water treatment program which would have cost the City upwards of $47 million. For Winters customers, we were looking at increases of up to $200 per month in water rates. Literally our prayers are answered! A big thanks to Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar Curry and Senator Bill Dodd for their support on this issue. We have been dealing with this for almost 4 years and it has been refreshing to have elected officials with common sense working to defend the very real interests of ordinary people!

·         Kudo’s to our Winters team lead by Carol Scianna for their work on the CR6 mess. I cannot say enough about their stewardship of our water funds, dealing with State Regulators and a very common sense approach to things. We all played a role in this issue and we know we had an influence on the judge.

·         The Downtown Alley Improvements along Newt’s Expressway and behind the North side of Main Street begin next week. The improvements will include the replacement of water and storm drain lines. This is a much needed project and will be huge benefit to the entire downtown.

·         Look for the West Main/Grant Traffic Signal Project to start coming online within the next few weeks. For those living in West Winters, it will add some much needed traffic control.

·         We opened bids for the Grant Ave/Walnult Lane Roundabout yesterday and the bid came in within the budget. This item will go to the City Council on June 6.

·         The Roundabout will be a significant project for Grant Ave and will result in daytime closure for a significant portion of the project. The plan includes daytime work hours (8-4) with the roadway closed and detours on Baker Street and Morgan. The roadway will reopen for peak traffic periods from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. daily. Some items are subject to change, so look for more information as the project gets ready to begin.

·         Soccer Registration for Winters AYSO is this Saturday, May 20 from 10-2 at City Hall or online at

 This weekend get to attend the graduation of my son from Chico State University! I am thrilled not only for Sam, but for many of his Winters classmates who will also be graduating this weekend. It is amazing how fast they grow and mature.

 Have a nice weekend.

 John W. Donlevy, Jr., City Manager

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05/23/17 Special Planning Commission Meeting

  • 05/23/17 Special Planning Commission Meeting (Agenda / Packet)

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Sealed bids for the work shown on the plans entitled:
Winters, CA
Bids will be received at the Office of the City Clerk of the City of Winters, in City Hall, 318 First
Street, Winters, CA 95694 until 2:00 p.m. on May 18, 2017 at which time they will be publicly opened
and read.

Open HERE (pdf)

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2017 Adult Co-Ed Softball Roster, Agreement, Waiver & Release

2017 Adult Co-Ed Softball Roster, Agreement, Waiver & Release

CITY OF WINTERS – 2017 SEASON Activity: Recreational Co-Ed Adult Slow Pitch Softball
Cost per Team: $350 *No changes to the roster will be allowed after the 2nd game of the season!
Click HERE to download (pdf)

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05/16/17 City Council Agenda/Packet

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Resolution No. 16-103

Yolo County
Board of Supervisors
Resolution No. 16-103
Proclaiming April 6, 2017 through November 11, 2018 a Period to Recognize
and Honor Yolo County’s Service in World War I
WHEREAS, a hundred years ago the United States of America entered the catastrophic
event known as the Great War, which was to place Yolo County on a war footing and was to
impact and change the lives of all 14,000 residents of the County; and
WHEREAS, it is important to remember the very significant role that Yolo County played in
the agricultural efforts and developments that were needed to ensure the Army and the
starving of Europe were fed; and
WHEREAS, we should also acknowledge all the citizens of the county who dedicated
themselves tirelessly to providing support for the war effort and succor to the troops; and
WHEREAS, we must never forget the 200 men from Yolo who volunteered and joined the
armed services on their own volition, including the members of Yolo County’s Company F of
the National Guard; and
WHEREAS, it is right and proper that we also recognize the nearly 700 young men who
were selected by Yolo County to serve in the National Army and to “carry on their shoulders
the cause of humanity and democracy”; and
WHEREAS, we must never forget the over thirty young men who made the supreme
sacrifice and gave their lives for county and country; and
WHEREAS, by honoring those who fought and gave their lives a hundred years ago we
honor all those from Yolo County who have ever served their country and let them know
that we will never forget; and
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Yolo County Board of Supervisors declare
April 6, 2017 to November 11, 2018 as a period to commemorate the Great War; and to call
on veteran’s groups, churches, schools, clubs and organizations, newspapers, media
outlets, and residents of the county to set aside time during this period to recognize and
honor all those who served, and in particular to gather at 11:00 am, Saturday, November
11, 2018 on the steps of the Yolo County Court House to commemorate all those that made
the ultimate sacrifice.
PASSED AND ADOPTED this 8th day of November, 2016 by the following votes:
AYES: Chamberlain, Villegas, Saylor, Rexroad, Provenza.

(Click HERE to open document)

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“LEST WE FORGET” The Story of World War I And Yolo County Yolo County

May 11, 2017, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Winters Community Library
708 Railroad Avenue – Winters, CA 95694
On April 6, 1917, America declared war on Germany and each resident of Yolo county, male and female, adult and child, were now expected to be fully
engaged in the support of the war. How did the community of Winters respond to this call to “defend democracy”?
Come learn the story of, and
commemorate, all those from the
Winters area that served, both at home and abroad, in the ‘War to End All Wars.’
This is Part 1 of a FOUR part series.

For more information about this program contact Mel Russell: or (530) 304 – 6154.

Click on photo to open (pdf) flier.

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Friday Update on Cinco de Mayo 2017


A couple items;

  • Yesterday, Royal Guest held a ceremonial groundbreaking for the Downtown Hotel Winters. A nice turnout with a number of the key investors in the project coming to town. In talking with their team, actual construction will most likely begin at the start of June.
  • Look for the Main/Grant Traffic Signal Project to begin moving in over the next few weeks. Timing is perfect for the project and hopefully it will be completed by the time school begins in August.
  • The Newt’s Expressway Alley behind Main Street received authorization at the City Council Meeting. This will include the replacement of the water and storm drain lines. The plan will not include a re-paving of the alley until after the construction of the hotel. A rough road for a while.
  • Kudo’s to Winters Police and Fire for their work on a horrific crash on Saturday night at Railroad and Grant. The scene was absolutely ugly and the response to save the life of the most critical victim was amazing! Our public safety personnel see people on their worst days, and this was certainly that for the individuals in that crash.
  • The earthwork for the Stone’s Throw (formerly Winters Highlands) Project will begin the week of May 15.
  • The City is accepting applications for the Planning Commission. Click HERE for more information.

Community Items:

  • Congratulations to Project Playground on a successful “Party in the Park”. An absolutely wonderful event for an incredible community project!
  • Soccer Registration is online this year. Go to to register players, coaches and volunteers.
  • The Winters Garage Sale in on May 13 from 7-Noon along Main Street and streets within the core area of town. This year’s themes are “the best stuff ever” and “Let’s Make Garage Sales Great Again”. A wonderful opportunity to get great bargains, purchase stuff you really don’t need and see your friends selling those cherished possessions only they really appreciate.

Have a great week,



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