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May 2016 PG&E Report

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Friday the 13th Update for May 2016


 Crazy busy at City Hall on a number of fronts:

 ·         Tomorrow is a day of service for a variety of volunteer projects in town. Things start at X and you can go to Y to help in a variety of projects including creek planting, work with the red cross and painting. Contact Mark Tippetts who is coordinating the volunteer day by clicking HERE.

·         The BIG news is that we should start seeing construction and movement on the Downtown Winters Hotel in the next few weeks. The developer was in City Hall with final paperwork to get things going. The Winters Hotel has been an extremely high priority for the City and it is nice to see things beginning to move.

·         The City Council Meeting has a couple key items including discussion on the City Budget, a presentation on an update to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility Master Plan, a revision to the Callahan Sudbdivision Development Agreement and selection of City Councilmembers to sit on the interview panel for the new police chief.

·         The Police Chief Interviews will be held the week of June 6 and will consist of a panel made up of key City Staff and a panel made up of community members. Both panels will interview the candidates and make recommendations of the top 2-3 for me to interview and select. We have narrowed the search to 6 candidates and I can tell you we have some really good one’s!

·         Our Design Review Committee met to do a preliminary review of a project at the freeway which will include a new Chevron (replacing the current one), Starbucks and a Marriot Fairfield Inn. The plans look nice and we expect to see the projects before the Planning Commission this summer.

·         Staff, members of the Parking Committee and a number of Downtown property owners met to talk about funding for a parking consultant. The meeting was really good and we are moving a couple things forward.

 The Friday Update will be on a hiatus for the next two Fridays!

 Have a nice weekend,


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05/17/16 City Council Meeting

City Council Meeting (pdf):  Agenda / Packet(large)

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Friday Update on Cinco de Mayo 2016


A couple items:

 ·         The City Council Meeting went through a review of the City Budget. Overall an interesting meeting and we will continue some of the discussion on May 17.

One of the big stories on the budget is the fact that we are forecasting substantially less revenue for the next fiscal year, thus spending is actually being reduced. Even though the City has the most building activity in its history, most permits for the big projects have already been paid and the benefits to the tax base will not be seen for almost two years. Things are lean for next year, but we have anticipated that and have adjusted spending accordingly. Other impacts on revenues include reduced gas prices which have hit our budget hard.

Our budgeting and fiscal management policies mandate that structural spending only be increased when recurring (tax base) revenues increase over a foreseeable future. One time revenues (permits and fees) can spike during any one year and provide a false sense of prosperity. The cities who find themselves in trouble are the ones who forecast that one time (non-recurring) revenues will go for a duration, they increase certain fixed costs (adding personnel or facilities) and then when the revenues decline, they have a huge structural problem.

 The proposed budget has delayed hires in both Police and Fire until the second half of the 2017-18 fiscal year. This will keep our fiscal outlook solid and reduce deficit spending!

 ·         This Saturday is the Winters Garage Sale! This year’s theme is “The best stuff ever”!! Come out and buy merchandise from other peoples garages to be taken to be stored in your garage! Sales  will be at City Park and many houses throughout town.

·         The dedication of the Putah Creek Car Bridge is Friday at 3:00 behind the Community Center. This is an amazing project and come and see history in the making. The next replacement/dedication is scheduled for May 2216!

·         This year’s Big Day of Giving had a number of technical glitches which slowed some of the fundraising. From my sources, the Winters Friends of the Library raised $28K, Winters Theatre $2,500, Putah Creek Council $7K, Center for Land Based Learning $58K and Yolo Housing $2k. If you got caught in the computer mess and could not donate, drop a check in the mail to these critical Winters organizations. They really are what helps make Winters the wonderful place it is!

·         The Winters Citizens Academy continues on Monday, May 9 with the topics covering Internet Crime and DUI Enforcement. All are welcome to this really good program!

 Tonight is Cinco de Mayo and I am heading to Berryessa Brewing where Chris, Lori and their crew will highlight “La Fuerza” a  Mexican style lager. A classic style beer and a couple of taco’s will take me back to my East LA roots on this important national holiday!

 Caution on your beer consumption tonight or get a designated driver!

 Feliz  Cinco de Mayo


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Winters in the News- Channel 13

Winters in the News- Channel 13


We made the news last night on Channel 13. They did a great job on this segment and it was a really nice piece.

Click HERE to watch the segment.


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Swim Brochures and Sign Ups

swimSwim Lessons:
- Informational Brochure - dates/times/fees (pdf)   English / Spanish
- Swim Lesson Registration Form (pdf)

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Friday Update on May 2 2016- Pre Big Day of Giving Addition

Friday Update on May 2 2016- Pre Big Day of Giving Addition


First, a big thanks for everyone who came out to the Youth Day Rotary Pancake Breakfast on a windy day. Also, a big thanks and congratulations to Mike Sebastian for his service to the Community over the years and his retirement as Chairman for the event.  

A couple items for the week:

  • The Dedication for the Putah Creek Car Bridge is this Friday, May 6 at 3:00 behind the Community Center. Food, fun and the historical dedication of a bridge which should last the next 200 years!
  • May 3 is the Big Day of Giving. In recent years, this has been a significant fundraiser for some really important Winters organizations that make a BIG difference in our community.

Here is the list of organizations from Winters which you might consider:

  • The Winters Friends of the Library (WFoL) is a preeminent organization for Winters. Through the years, they have funded many tens of thousands of dollars toward expanded library hours, programming, furniture, speakers forums and were the leaders in getting the Winters Community Library to where it is today!
  • Putah Creek Council is the organization which has led the way to the ecological restoration of the creek. They were the ones who led the fight for water flows in the early 1990’s and continue the efforts today with incredible restoration work, enhancement of fish habitat and educational programming.
  • Center for Land Based Learning is one of those organizations which has put Winters on the world food map. From farm based educational programs for urban youth to community farming initiatives, the Center for Land Based Learning is setting an incredible standard in educating people about food and farming.
  • Winters Healthcare Foundation brings quality healthcare to our rural community. Through a diversity of services, WHF helps serve all aspects of the Winters Community with quality health services.
  • Winters Community Theatre not only entertains us, but they give back through renovations at the Community Center and enhanced opportunities for people of all ages.
  • The New Hope Community Development Corporation (CDC) Yolo County Housing is the non-profit arm for Yolo Housing. This incredible organization has brought a renaissance to public housing in Yolo/Solano Counties and continues to seek new and innovative solutions to many of the issues facing people in need of affordable and available housing.

These organizations bring so many benefits to Winters and they need your support. Giving starts at midnight tonight and runs until midnight tomorrow. There are incentives (prizes of enhanced donations from the sponsor of Big DOG) to these organizations for early giving, so give early and often.



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Friday Update before Youth Day 2016


This is short and sweet as I am working on Youth Day stuff for the big day tomorrow.

• The Duck Derby begins tonight at 5:00 behind the Community Center with the Opening Ceremonies following.
• Kids Movie Night is at 8:00 in the Community Center Amphitheatre.
• The Rotary Youth Day Pancake Breakfast begins at 6:30 in the morning. $2 off during the first hour.
• Kiddie Parade is at 9:45
• Youth Day Parade begins at 10:00.
• City Park Fair begins at 12:00
• Free Concert (Terry Sheets Band) starts at 7:00 at Creekside Bar!

Look for an extended update on Monday.


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05/03/16 City Council Meeting

05/03/16 City Council Meeting (pdf) Agenda / Packet

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Friday Update on April 22 2016


A couple items this week:

  • A very efficient City Council Meeting on Tuesday. Walnut Park is going out to bid, the Council authorized a contract for the rehabilitation of Water Wells 2 (Putah Creek) and 6 (across from Blue Oak Park), and the Downtown Fountain will be simply a concept.
  • We received 4 proposals for Parking Consultant Services. We have been required to request additional information from the consultants before consideration.
  • Staff sent 17 letters to Downtown property owners requesting a meeting to discuss funding the parking consultant and future parking improvements and we have received 0 reply’s. We will try again!
  • The City has received 23 applicants for the Police Chief.  The recruiting firm assisting in the process will begin screening interviews over the next few weeks and then we will have formal interviews sometime in the May/June timeframe.
  • Today, Winters Fire conducted orientation for four new reserve and volunteer firefighters. Welcome to Alex Evenoff, Tony Plesencia, Joel Smith and Tim Robbins. In total, we have 44 reserves and volunteers in our program! Go Winters Fire.
  • Watch for extensive tree trimming on Main Street as we trim the canopy over the next week.
  • Last week, I attended a meeting at Yolo County regarding a fundraising drive for a new Animal Shelter. It looks like a motivated group is ramping up efforts to find donors. Stay tuned.
  • This week, the Winters Police Department conducted “bike rodeo’s” at both Waggoner and Shirley Rominger Schools. A ton of students learning bike safety and having a lot of fun.

A couple reminders:

  • Tonight is Fourth Friday in Downtown. I can smell the roasting pig from my office and it smells incredible!
  • Next week is Youth Day. The Pancake Breakfast starts at 6:30, Parade at 10 and fun in the park at 12:00. Look at the Winters Express for the entire program in their special issue.
  • The Citizen’s Academy continues on Monday night at 6:30 at the Public Safety Facility EOC Room. This week includes an overview of the City and Local Government and a special program on Winters Fire. Here is the future programs and all are welcome.
    • April 25th Week Two-Local Government and Fire Department: Participants will learn about the various aspects of local government and the Winters Fire Department utilized by the City of Winters.
    • May 2nd Week Three -Gangs and Street Narcotics: Participants will learn about local drug and gang issues and intervention strategies.
    • May 9th Week Three-Internet Safety and DUI information: Participants will learn about safety procedures, prevention tips, and laws.
    • May 16th Week Five- Crime Prevention: Participants will learn about crime prevention methods followed by a Certificate presentation.

Finally, on Thursday, I drove the new City bus with a dozen members of the Winters Senior Foundation to drop them off at the UC Davis Arboretum where they had a scheduled tour. I took them to the center which includes Whole Foods in Davis where they went to lunch, then they headed over to the Arboretum. I was then scheduled to pick them up at 3 at the same location.

It looked like they had an incredible time!!!

When I arrived in the bus at 3ish (I was a little late), they were not at the agreed upon location but some of them came hustling across the parking lot to greet me. After the tour, they had gone back to the Whole Foods Center for ice cream and socializing. When they got on the bus, the first request was whether I would mind dropping them all off at Turkovich Winery so they could finish the day! On the ride home, the roar of laughter and conversation from the rear of the bus was incredible. Except for the complaints about me hitting all of the bumps along Road 31, it was a very happy/fun group!

One of the ladies in the group commented (as I helped her off the bus) that she had a “GREAT DAY” and you could really tell! I can tell you that it made my day, too!

The Winters Senior Foundation is helping to establish an important framework for enhancing the overall quality of life for seniors in Winters. Activities and excursions, along with their meetings and programs are starting to make a noticeable difference in town. Their you can see their outreach to many segments of the community is happening. They are open to any and everyone who is interested in joining. Contact Wally Pearce at denropro@gmail.com to get on their list.

Stay tuned for more announcements on their activities in the Winter Express!

Have a nice weekend,


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“Notice to Contractors” for Walnut Park – Phase 2

“Notice to Contractors” for Walnut Park – Phase 2 (pdf)
Bids are required for the entire work as described below:
The work, in general, to be done under this contract consists of; the demolition and removal of an existing concrete curb; the construction of; playground concrete slide and sand play area, sidewalks and decomposed granite paths; street improvements along Walnut Lane and the installation of a steel shade structure, ranch style vinyl fences with aluminum gates, a recessed turf field, site drainage system, site furniture, drinking fountain, path bollards, bike racks, handicap parking stall striping, site lighting, irrigation, planting, boulders and logs and all within the confines of WALNUT PARK in Winters, California.

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PG&E Training Center Update

PG&E Training Center - April 2016 Report (pdf)

PG&E is on its way to construction!! Due to the wet conditions, PG&E will be working through the weekends.

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Friday Update on tax day 2016


Lot’s going on….


City Council Agendas:


April 19, 2016

  • Budget Workshop at 4:30
  • Wallace-Kuhl Agmt. for the Continuation of Monitoring Services at the Former Landfill
  • Recycling Grant Application for Payment Programs
  • Proclamation Declaring May 3rd as the BIG Day of Giving
  • Water Well Maintenance Contract for Well #’s 2 & 6 with Suez dba: Utility Service Group
  • Bid Issuance for Construction Improvements for Phase II Construction at Walnut Park

 May 3, 2016

  • Formal review of the FY 2016-17 and 2017-18 City Budget
  • Initiate Proceedings and Preliminary Approval of the Engineers Annual Levy Report for the City-Wide Maintenance Assessment Dist., FY 2016-2017
  • Purchase of Wastewater Emergency Generator

May 17, 2016

  • Callahan Estates DA
  • Street Naming Recommendations for Winters Highlands
  • Budget Adoption

 Department Updates:


Public Works:

  • Staff visited the City of Yountville and viewed their bar screen and would like to install a similar self-contained unit at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Repaired water leak on Hemenway.
  • Some bad spots on Main Street are being repaved.
  • New sidewalk was poured from 4th Street through City Park to the bathrooms, and will be followed by a sidewalk from the new play structure to Main Street. Lights like those on the creek path will illuminate the new sidewalks and DG will be installed in various places.
  • A new Jacobsen mower has been purchased.  The older Jacobsen mower will be kept as a secondary unit to run simultaneously, if needed.
  • Pool inspection scheduled (and passed) for today and staff will perform a sand filter enzyme treatment next week.
  • Working on the landscape plans for Winters Ranch public right of way.
  • YFCU has requested to deliver clean fill dirt to landfill.
  • Staff will erect signs for the May 6th Winters Putah Creek Car Bridge Dedication.
  • City-wide striping will commence, weather permitting.
  • Mulch is being spread on the elderberry plantings at the creek.
  • Cr6 or Chromium 6 – pilot people have offered a different method of treatment utilizing a 53’ trailer housing system to perform a more detailed pilot study.  Ionex also wants to come back and do some more work.
  • Working on two bike rodeos with Winters Police Department and Winters PTA.



  • Working on budgets – reviewing expenditures and asking questions regarding revenues.
  • Quilt Show will be on Saturday, June 18 – looking for volunteers to set up at the Community Center on 6/17 and on the sidewalks on 6/18.



  • Pool is gearing up with 15 new and returning lifeguards.
  • Recreation swim is scheduled to begin in May.
  • School Board approved an agreement for janitorial services for the ASP & Munchkin programs.
  • Winters Theater Company board approved the replacement of the stage floor at the Community Center.  The board will work with the Community Center schedule and Gary Schroeder will be working with the City staff on the repairs.
  • Fire reserve orientation will take place on 4/22 for 5 recruits (still waiting for two medical reports).  Fire indicated they will be going back out for additional reserves.


Economic Development/Housing

  • Attended a Yolo County Planning Commission meeting today with Council Member Cowan regarding Ag Tourism.
  • Parking Consultant RFP responses are due on Monday, April 18th.
  • Walnut Park will go out to bid on 4/20, if approved by City Council on 4/19.
  • Affordable Housing Steering Committee (AHSC) met on 4/13 regarding moderate ownership covenant and the recommendation was unanimous to shorten the covenant from 45 years to 10-15 years.


  • Staff taught a planning class to preschoolers at The Treehouse, which included a treasure map of downtown and a stop at City Hall.
  • Planning Commission meeting on 4/26 and the agenda will include Callahan, Downtown Hotel, and a noise study session.
  • Street naming meeting was held last week, with JoAnn Larkey to provide a narrative description of the names chosen.
  • Winters resident is pursuing a permit for a bike/petty cab.
  • Winters is a hot bed for filming crews, with filming taking place on 4/23 at the Public Safety Facility.  The need for an ordinance/permit will be on the to do list.
  • Will be receiving an updated status on Starbucks.
  • Staff is continuing to work on a nuisance ordinance.


  • Issued the final for two houses on Mermod and the Certificates of Occupancy (C of O’s) are ready to pick up.



  • Received an alert from the FBI for thieves who are stealing truckloads of almonds, walnuts and pistachios, with farmers losing $4.5 million dollars a year (oh nuts!)
  • Citizen’s Academy will begin on Monday, 4/18 and continue on Monday’s through 5/16.  Class topics include community policing, local government and the fire department, gangs and street narcotics, internet safety and DUI information and crime prevention.



  • Planning structure training burns in Dixon and will include Winters Fire staff as part of a 2-day certified class.
  • Multi-agency swift water rescue training will be held on 4/23.
  • Staff will be participating in wild land fire refresher training.

 Have a nice weekend.



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