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Friday Update on March 3 2017

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Friday Update on March 3 2017


 Back from a week south of the border! I made it back and was glad they did not get the wall up before we crossed. I would tell you that we had horrible weather but instead, it was absolutely perfect! A couple items this week:

 ·         City Council Agenda is a little light this week with the Comprehensive Financial Report, SACOG MOU for Safe Streets, Acceptance of a CalFire Planning Grant for Golden Bear and the approval of Street Closure for the Car Shows.

·         Sewer laterals throughout the town are becoming an issue. We suspect ground saturation is playing a role from the weather!

·         Public Works is putting the final touches on the Little League Field. It is in great shape and we are excited for a really god year!

·         Heavy storms put our storm drain system to the test and we think we passed! We plan to do some camera inspection of the lines to make sure everything came out OK!

·         Staff is ramping up to work with Project Playground who are looking to do a community build playground at City Park. We will be meeting with their team in the next week to start putting plans in place.

·         On Thursday, the City sold Tax Allocation Bonds as a refinancing of existing debt from our former Community Development Agency. In total, we sold approximately $13.5m in bonds and achieved a savings of almost $2.3m which will be distributed over time to taxing agencies. To the City, it means an increase in revenue of about $58,000 each year!

·         The draft of the Fee Study and Cost Allocation Plan has arrived. Look for this to come before the City Council in April.

·         Pool Manager and Lifeguards are being hired for the summer. The pool opens on April 1for lap swim!

·         Walnut Park had a walk through with the contractor. The picnic shelter needs to be erected and the contractor will redo the hydra seed for the grass.

·         Officer Morgan Hatcher has been selected for the Yolo County Crisis Intervention Team! This is the group who coordinates crisis negotiations and care. A big honor for Morgan and a real feather in the cap for Winters PD!

·         Heroin is becoming an issue in Yolo County and something out Police Department is dealing with! They will be coordinating information with Winters Fire!

·         Chief John Miller was recently appointed to the Yolo County Community Care Board.

·         AB 109 money is now at a deficit in the State, meaning the City will no longer be reimbursed for monitoring paroled inmates into Winters!

·         Deputy Fire Chief Ron Karlen was recently dispatched to the incident response team for the Oroville Dam spill incident.

·         Winters Fire will host its annual Fish Fry next Friday, March 10 starting at 5:00! One of the best events in town in support of our volunteer fire department!! Tickets are available at the Fire Station.

·          City Attorney is working on an ordinance for businesses looking to sell recreational marijuana!

·         Next Saturday March 11 is the Coffee Festival in Downtown starting at 10:00!

·         Winters Friends of the Library will be holding their annual Fruit Tree Sale at the corner of Railroad and Edwards starting at 8:00 a.m.. Get there early (before 8) if you want citrus or the type of tree you are looking for. They will be there until they run out!

 Finally, the Winters community lost an incredible leader with the passing of Alfredo Rodriguez who served at the Regional Commissioner and a coach for the Winters AYSO organization for almost 13 years. I would argue that Alfredo was one of our key Hispanic leaders and someone who has left an incredible legacy in our community.

 A little about Alfredo.

Alfredo was immensely respected within the AYSO soccer community for his knowledge of the game, perspective on dealing with the issues of youth soccer and the ability to quietly run the largest  youth organization in Winters (460 players, 60 coaches and 25 referees). He was a very unassuming leader who could convince folks to give their time and energy to the cause of serving people. The immense respect Alfredo had from those who competed against his teams was incredible to see.

 I worked with Alfredo in running Winters AYSO and cherish the memories of showing up at the school on Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. to see Alfredo’s car already in the parking lot and seeing the lone person in his sombrero (or that Dodgers hat) behind a paint sprayer marking out the fields. He genuinely felt the kids deserved to play in a quality environment and put his all into making it the best he could. Equally, I would spend time with him at the end of the day picking up the trash and putting away the flags. He gave it his all.

 As a coach Alfredo set an incredible example for so many young men in Winters, teaching the life skills of discipline, commitment, hard work and how to both win and lose with class. As a coach, he taught the players about life within the metaphor of soccer. Players experienced some of their greatest individual success within the team game. They also learned that there are negative consequences for bad actions, with Alfredo pulling some of the best players from a tight game when they misbehave to set the standard for the rest of the team. Whether they realized it or not, they had a tremendous role model coaching them who instilled values and principles which they can take with them for a lifetime. Probably Alfredo’s most important contribution!

 I will celebrate the excitement of Alfredo’s teams going to 18 kicks from the mark in a semi-final and then taking the Davis World Cup in a 2-1 final. Amongst my most cherished possessions of Alfredo and Winters AYSO is a Davis World Cup first place medal and a picture from the Winters Express of a victorious team with the Davis coach sitting in the middle of the champions photo. Equally, I will love the memories of the losses and Alfredo not complaining but rationalizing why “we deserved to lose” and just moving on.

 Mostly, we will celebrate a friendship from a man who was an incredible friend to so many people. He was a genuine HERO of Winters whose love of people, community and others made him as unique a man as you can every hope to experience in your lifetime.

 They say, the wealth of a man is never measured by money or possessions, it is the legacy that they leave behind by the effect that they had on others in a meaningful way. Alfredo leaves this world probably the richest man we have ever known, through his effect on those around him.

 May heaven have a crappy soccer field with a half broken paint sprayer and a need for someone to squeeze two soccer fields into a space where only one will fit. They now have the right guy there!

 Winters lost an incredible member of our community named Alfredo Rodriguez!

 Have a great week.


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03/07/17 City Council Meeting Agenda/Packet/CAFR

03/07/17 City Council Meeting (PDF): Agenda / Packet / CAFR

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PTA E-Waste Drive: Saturday, February 25, 2017, 9am-1pm

PTA E-Waste Drive

Save the Date!  Saturday, February 25, 2017, 9am-1pm
Winters Combined PTA has partnered with Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps (SRCC) to recycle collected e-waste.
SRCC is a CA State approved Collector of Electronic Waste.

PTA will be at the corner of Grant & Railroad/Mariani Parking Lot in Winters CA on Saturday, February 25, from 9AM – 1PM, to help you unload your recyclable goods.

We encourage you share this fundraiser with friends, neighbors, even area businesses that might be looking to donate items.
We are more than happy to schedule a possible date beforehand for a large amount of E-Waste that might warrant a special pickup.

We will accept: monitors, televisions, desktop and notebook PCs, VCRs, stereo equipment, speakers, keyboards, mice, PDAs, digital cameras, zip drives, telephones, cell phones, printers, copiers, laser and multifunction scanners and fax machines, small household appliances such as toasters, mixers & blenders, vacuum cleaners with the dust bag removed.

We cannot accept: large household appliances (i.e. refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.), furniture, microwaves, hazardous household waste including batteries, solar panels, car batteries, paint, pesticides, used oil, cleaning supplies, fluorescent light bulbs, water heaters, tires etc.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Winters PTA at winterspta@gmail.com

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Friday Update on February 17, 2017

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City Council Meeting 02/21/17 Agenda/Packet

02/21/17 City Council Meeting (pdf)  Agenda  /  Packet

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Friday Update on February 10, 2017


A productive week:

 ·         The big item on the City Council Agenda this week involved discussion of a contract renewal with Waste Management. The issues mostly surrounded moving toward containerized green waste, street pickup and street sweeping. Carol Scianna and the Waste staff did a fine job of reviewing the various options. Council direction was given regarding looking at more frequent street sweeping, community concerns regarding large green waste pickup (core area) and leaf season. Overall, a good discussion and direction.

·         The Hispanic Advisory Committee met on Monday and the main topics surrounded questions related to national immigration policies. The meeting had a good attendance, including Chief John Miller and Officer Jose Hermosillo from the Winters Police Department. The direction from the HAC was to identify community questions and concerns and possibly host a community workshop to bring greater understanding to what is actually happening.

·         The leadership shown by folks on the HAC was amazing!! They quickly assigned tasks for members to begin identifying questions within the community and to determine accurate sources to help folks find answers. It was clearly one of the best meetings for the HAC and demonstrated leadership from the members.

The national debate on immigration and the role local governments play has erupted nationally. This is a FEDERAL issue and our national leaders are the ones responsible and accountable for getting information to residents. It is also their role to deal with the ramifications of what is happening. While cities are the most accessible for residents, the issues being brought are simply out of our purview.

It was important that the Winters Police Department was well represented at the HAC Meeting. Some basic questions which were discussed included how local law enforcement works with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). Here are some basic facts:

 ·         Police do NOT interface with ICE on issues which are not criminal in nature. The police are not agents of ICE and never have been.

·         Police do NOT randomly check documentation of folks (without cause) and only ask for identification in criminal matters. We do not stop people on the street asking for documentation.

·         Police and State Agencies do NOT share data bases on immigration issues. On criminal issues, when persons are wanted for crimes, they are included in the same data sets as anyone else. Wanted criminals go into criminal data bases for wanted criminals. If people are not wanted for a crime, they have nothing to fear from contacting the Winters PD.

·         Cities do NOT defend or get in between ICE and persons in relation to documentation status issues. There are many groups who do that, but not cities (maybe San Francisco, but they could be another country) J.

·         In California, law enforcement will tell you that they absolutely supports the licensing of all drivers, regardless of documentation status. ALL drivers are required to have a drivers license and insurance, regardless of immigration status. It is the law.

·         The State DMV is not in the business of working with ICE on immigration issues. Its just not in their business.

 The interface between local law enforcement and our residents is critical to keeping Winters safe. It would be counter productive for local law enforcement to put a barrier to people reporting crimes, especially undocumented folks who are often selected targets. Anyone, including undocumented people, who are the victims of crimes should always feel comfortable reporting when a crime occurs. Victims are victims and crimes should always be reported.

The Winters community is an incredible place because we are safe, diverse and collaborative on issues which are within our purview. Regardless of race, religion, gender or socio-economic status, folks in our town are residents first. Winters is Winters because we are a place where people are welcome and accepted.

If people have immigration issues, they should deal with those with the applicable agencies. The City has no role in that but individuals do. If you know of someone with immigration issues, they need to deal with that and get it resolved because it is the law. The HAC has had forums on the topic to get information out and I expect more is to come.

 Summary, Winters Police are not in the immigration business, we are in the business of keeping all residents, regardless of immigration status safe. The federal agencies have their job and we have ours.

 ·         This week, I attended the League of California Cities City Manager’s Department Meeting which was held in Monterey. The hot topics discussed were Cannibus, Sales and Use Taxes, Affordable Housing and the California Economy. A couple takeaways.

·         The passage of Prop 64 creates as many questions as it cures. Marijuana is now legal to use, but the business of marijuana, cultivation, the manufacture of products and distribution still has many issues to resolve.

·         A fun fact on cannabis is that there are in excess of $1.2b in “proposals” for permits in cities to build marijuana facilities. That is a lot of brownies!

·         Tackling how sales taxes are distributed is a big topic. The internet market place and who and where the taxes should go is a big question. They estimate that over $1b in sales taxes are simply lost under the current system.

·         Affordable Housing has major issues. Flatly, there is no money for it when it is needed most. That State readily acknowledges that housing is one of the critical issues facing California residents and affordability is one of those, but the Governor is not ready to deal with it.

Finally, the best news in many years was the signing of the concession contract with John and Linda Frazier for Markley Cove. This is a critical move for a business and location which is important to Winters as the “Gateway to Lake Berryessa”.

 The over 15 year odyssey of Lake Berryessa and the failed revitalization plan of the Bureau of Reclamation is hopefully over for John and Linda. They have been a very important business to our community both because of the economics and their generosity in supporting many groups and organizations. The way the Frazier’s (and practically all of the former resorts owners) were treated should never happen again.

The Frazier’s and the entire Markley Cove team have kept their dignity during what must have been the most difficult of times. The decimation of the Lake Berryessa economy, the national recession, combined with the illogical actions of a federal agency could not have been more daunting for John and Linda. During it all, the Frazier’s were absolute class acts and models of persistence in trying to preserve their rights and property interests. Even when the BOR gave away Markley Cove, then re-bid, selected the Fraziers, then pulled it away again, they never gave up.

The Fraziers are absolute symbols of class and role models for people dealing with adversity. They are important to Winters and their business will serve as a foundational element to the eventual re-birth of Lake Berryessa.

Have a nice weekend.


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Friday Update on February 3 2017


A couple items:

February 7, 2017 City Council Agenda

  • Waste Management Contract Options
  • Reject All Bids for Walnut Avenue Roundabout on St. Hwy. 128  (Grant Avenue)- The project is under some revisions and will to out again very soon,
  • On-Call Storm Drainage Engineering Services Contract with Wood Rodgers (Renewal/update of contract)
  • Proclamation Celebrating June 3, 2017 as Elder Day in the City of Winters (1st Sat. in June)
  • Resolution to reimburse certain Capital Expenditures made to the City Water System
  • Public Hearing- Second reading and Adoption of Ord. 2017-01 – Second Residential Units
  • Introduction of Ord. 2017-02 – Affordable Housing Interest Rate Requirements
  • Reso. 2017-07 Adopting Tax-Advantaged Bonds Post Issuance Compliance Procedures
  • Reso. 2017-06 Adopting Continuing Disclosure Compliance Procedures
  • Successor Agency – Authorization for issuance of Tax Allocation Refunding Bonds

 Other items:

 ·         Data for the Parking Committee is starting to come in and it is amazing stuff. On December 3, we did an all day count of parking turnover in the Downtown which generated over 48,000 pieces of data. We are now crunching the data and many of the results are telling us about trends which will help in recommendations on improving the availability and efficiency of parking in the Downtown. The core of our Parking Committee includes Sandy Vickery, Gino Mediati, Chris Turkovich, Peter Hunter, Pierre Neu, Wade Cowan, Bill Biasi, Nicki Chapman, Dan Maguire, Kate Frazier and Devon Vickery. These folks have done an incredible job in helping work on parking issues and are making a real difference in improving the business climate for Winters! These folks are really stepping up to help our town.

·         Special recognition to Karla Jenkins at City Hall who input all the data. A really difficult task and she really did a superior job in putting it all together!

·         Congratulations to the  Solano Resource Conservation District (Solano RCD) which was awarded one of 12 2016 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Awards (GEELA) for its excellence and leadership in conducting environmental education programs in Solano County. Chris Rose and his staff do incredible environmental work in our area and this award is well deserved recognition for the education and environmental stewardship they do to benefit our region. We have some real stars in the area and the Solano RCD is one of those agencies. HERE is the article on the award.

·         Our Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar Curry (former mayor of Winters/West of 505) had dinner on Wednesday night with the Governor and new Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Hopefully the conversation surrounded Chromium 6! Cecilia always talked about getting Winters “at the table” and when that table has the governor in one of the chairs, we have hit a high point. Kudos to Cecilia!

·         Last weekend, Winters Fire hosted practically every major public safety organization for training in Putah Creek and the Monticello Dam for a variety of swift water, rapelling, helicopter and search and rescue training. The accolades have been coming in with comments attributable to “Winters Regional Leadership”, “incredible coordination”, “very professional” and “an incredible training opportunity for all the agencies”. Our entire staff did an amazing job of developing and implementing training over a two day period which benefitted agencies both large and small.

 I have always been proud of my association with Winters Fire and the work of our paid, reserve and volunteer staff who really shined last weekend. The men and women of Winters Fire serve our community with an incredible sense of pride and commitment which is second to none. The Department is doing things at levels today which are as complex and advanced as any fire agency in our State. The idea that we are a “regional leader” in the professional development of other fire personnel is a high point. This week brought moments which made me as proud as I have ever been of our staff and where the Department is today!

 I have had the pleasure of knowing the Fire Chiefs from the past 50 years of Winters Fire. They came from a time where finances were frugal and things were tight and required ingenuity to make things happen. They formed a sound foundation which still sets the tone for how the Department operates today. Chief’s Vernon Bruen, Dave Kidder and Scotty Dozier helped lead a committed volunteer force who brought incredible pride and personal sacrifice to making Winters a safe place. The were/are all men of high integrity and were role models for the fire staff. The community has also benefitted from an incredible Fire Board which has been led by the likes of Tony Turkovich, Don Rominger, Jack Thomas, Bob Bell, Kathy Gilpen and Gloria Lopez. I will share that Tony Turkovich who has chaired and led the District Board for the last 30 has served as a fiduciary to the community in positioning Winters Fire for success from a business standpoint. His leadership has been amazing and the community, both District and City, owe where we are today to his stewardship.

 I personally credit both Tony and Scott with getting the Department to where it is today. I wish Scotty was here last weekend to see the leadership of his firefighters with the other agencies. I know he would have been especially proud.

 Finally, last weekend, my wife Kathy and I were honored as Citizens of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce at their “Year in Review” along with Chris Turkovich (Theodore Winters award for service to Winters), Gino Mediati and the staff at Ace Hardware (Business of the Year) and Sharon and Wally Pearce who were named Senior Citizens of the Year. The event at Park Winters was incredible and the entire Board led by new Board President Megan Curry, Past President Kathy Cowan and Executive Director Carrie Green deserve a huge applause for their efforts.

Kathy and I were very honored for the recognition but mostly we are grateful to live in Winters. We both feel that the community has been a blessing on our family.

In reality, the recognition is less about us and more about us representing the many groups and activities we have had the pleasure of being involved with over the years. Winters AYSO, Youth Day, Rotary, Winters PTA and schools, Winters High School, Girl Scouts, Winters Fire, Relay for Life, March of Dimes all have incredible core groups which help make Winters the place it is. These volunteers are the every day heroes who coach our kids, present incredible events and donate time unselfishly to keeping things going in our small town.

 Winters is full of folks who are “all in” putting the community first, perpetuating kindness, service and making it a place people proudly call their home. There are many “couples” whose daily and weekly routines include some form of service to Winters as part of the lives. It is the soul of that commitment which gives our town the strength.

 Winters is especially blessed by the Winters Express led by Charley Wallace, Newt Wallace and an incredible staff who write our story each week, record our history and remind us of the past. They really are the glue which binds both the old timers and newcomers. We genuinely believe the town owes the Wallace Family considerable gratitude for what they have done for Winters. Debra takes a lot of heat for her opinions, but few do more than her to perpetuate the things which make our community special.

 Kathy and I view being Citizens of the Year as a reminder of our obligation to keeping committed to serving our community. Our lives are tremendously enriched by the people who have become as much family as friends. We feel blessed and are thankful for all we have here.

 Have a nice weekend!


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02/07/17 City Council Meeting

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2017 Temporary Waste Management Collection Schedule

The City is negotiating a new agreement with Waste Management for collection services, this calendar will be updated once final agreement is in place.
Please note Palm Fronds Leaves and Stumps are no longer acceptable as green waste.

2017 Temporary Waste Management Collection Schedule (pdf)

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Winters After-School Program (WASP)

2017-2018 Registration begins: Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Packets will be available Monday, May 1, at: City Hall, Waggoner Elementary School front office, Shirley Rominger Intermediate School front office and all Winters After-School Program classrooms.

Serving students in 1st-5th grade, no exceptions.

Hours of Operation are after school to 6pm.

Days of Operation: Monday-Friday, closed for all holidays WJUSD recognizes.  PM Snack is included.

Tuition: $100 per child per month, FREE for those qualifying and turning in a Free/Reduced Lunch Letter from the district.

Daily attendance is required; parent must notify staff of child’s extra-curricular activities and ensure student is only absent from WASP for reasons listed on the Early Release Policy.

Daily Schedule includes: Academics (Homework/Homework Assistance), Reading, Enrichment, Recreation, Free Play and Nutritious Snack.  WASP does not offer tutoring.

Weekly Schedule includes: Science, Presentations or Field Trips.

Volunteers: High School or College volunteers are welcome and needed. One volunteer per class is needed per day.  This program is funded and operated through the ASES grant in cooperation of the City of Winters and the Winters Joint Unified School District as well as community donations.

Donations are greatly appreciated.  Please make donations payable to: City of Winters- Winters After School Program.  Please send donations to: City of Winters-WASP, 318 First Street, Winters, CA 95694.

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Munchkin Summer Camp (MSC)


Mission Statement: We strive to provide a fun, safe and successful program for students to learn and grow during the summer. We will provide each student with the opportunity to improve academically, socially and physically while minimizing summer learning loss.

2016 summer registration begins: Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Packets will be available at City Hall, Waggoner Elementary School front office, Shirley Rominger Intermediate School front office and ALL Winters After School Program classrooms.

Serving: students going into 1st grade – students going into 6th grade (for the 2017-18 school year) no exceptions.

7th & 8th Grade Leadership Spaces: these spaces are tuition paid spaces for students going into 7thgrade and into 8th grade.  These students will have leadership roles in the program as well as participating in Academics, Reading, etc. daily.  There are only 12 spots available.

Hours of Operation: 9am-5pm, with breakfast served at 8:30am, gates open at 8:15am.

Days of Operation: Monday-Friday and closed for July 4, 2017.

1st Session:  June 12- June 30          2nd Session: July 3- July 21
Breakfast, Lunch and PM Snack is included.

Tuition: $200 per child per session or $100 per child per session for those qualifying and turning in a Free/Reduced Lunch Letter from the district; no multiple child discount; payment plans available.

Daily attendance is not required; parent must notify staff of child’s attendance schedule ahead of time.

MSC does take students to and from swim team daily.

Daily Schedule includes: Academics, Reading, Enrichment, Recreation, Free Play and Nutritious Meals/Snack.

Weekly Schedule includes: Field Trips – Town Pool, City Park, Town Library, Music and Drama Lessons.

Summer Schedule includes: Four out of town field trips

Volunteers: High School or College volunteers are welcome and needed. One volunteer per class is needed through the whole day; we do split schedules for volunteers.

This program is funded and operated through community contributions as well as minimal tuition. Donations are greatly appreciated. Please make donations payable to: City of Winters- Munchkin Summer Camp. Please send donations to: City of Winters-MSC, 318 First Street, Winters, CA 95694.

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Friday Update on January 27 2017


City Council Agendas:

February 7, 2017

  • Waste Management Contract Negotiation Update
  • Adoption of Ord. 2017-01 – Second Residential Units
  • Introduction of Ord. 2017-02 – Affordable Housing Requirements
  • Successor Agency – Bond Refunding Agenda

February 21, 2017

  • Adoption of Ord. 2017-02 – Affordable Housing Requirements

 Lot’s going on in each of the Departments

 ·         Water Department is valve exercising and flushing is 70% complete. This is a chance to maintain the valves and “flushing” of hydrants helps clean debris from the water system and improves overall water quality.

·         Recent storms has made the creek rise and lots of mud and sediment has been deposited on the lower section of the Putah Creek Trail. PW has been on the trail cleaning up after the flooding.

·         Main & Grant signal project has gone out to bid; bids are due on 2/23.

·         Water Resources Agency WRA is working diligently on the creation of a new Sustainable Groundwater Management Agency (SGMA) as required by the State. Carol Scianna attended a SGMA meeting including all Yolo County water districts.

·         Staff is moving forward on the evaluation of Cr6 analysis for a potential Well #9.

·         Finance and Engineering will be working on a kick off meeting regarding an RFP for Impact Fee Study.

·         Staff is also working on the Compensation Report for State Controller’s office. This details salaries and benefits for all of the staff into a State data base.

·         The Planning Commission unanimously approved ordinance amending Affordable Housing requirements and restrictions on Inclusionary For-Sale units regarding how interest rates are accrued on a promissory note/silent second.

·         The firm interested in a residential project for the Valadez property on Hemenway is working with staff regarding an affordable housing plan which will eventually go before the Affordable Housing Steering Committee.

·         Staff and the City Attorney held a Conference call w/Domas an update on the Senior Center.

  • The Active shooter exercise at WHS on 1/21 which involved several local agencies went very well.
  • The Women’s march on 1/21 was peaceful and well attended. Mostly non political and was an impressive show of support for womens and community wide issues. Well done!
  • Winters PD hosted a taser instructor class for local law enforcement agencies.
  • Police Chief John Miller is working on a Homeland Security grant.
  • The Winters PD has been in the community at various apartment complexes giving bilingual personal security presentations.
  • The next movie night (“Trolls”) will be on 2/4 or 2/10 in the Fire Department Apparatus Bay.

·         Super Police Dog Kepi and her handler Chaplan Robert Duvall were recently on KCRA’s “Common Grounds Program”. Click HERE to see the program. Well done!

·         Monticello exercise will take place this weekend and will include two high angle rescues and search and rescue drills in Putah Creek.  Look for helicopters and four wheelers in the area.

 Finally, tomorrow night is the Winters Chamber of Commerce “Year in Review” where they recognize folks in the community including Citizens, Business, and Senior Citizens of the Year and the Theodore Winters Award. A couple comments on some of the recipients.

Chris Turkovich from Turkovich Wines will be receiving the Theodore Winters Award which recognizes people for their community contributions over the past 5 year. Chris is very well deserving for a number of reasons. His activity with the Downtown business community has been vital to the renaissance and advancement of what is happening, From Roots to Wine, www.Discoverwinters.com ,  Fourth Friday, Highway 128, the expansion of the “parklet” in front of their tasting room has really helped set the “vibe” for our Downtown. Chris has really stepped up to help create Winters as a destination and helped establish a really high bar of expectation for the quality people expect when they are visiting our community. Not only are Chris and Luciana making incredible wine, but they are contributing to the greater good of the entire community. Chris has been a leader in addressing parking issues and he and his wife Luciana has been a active with the City’s Hispanic Advisory Committee. Chris has taken a very positive role in advancing the greater Winters area and is making us look really good.

Ace Hardware is the “Business of the Year” which is really well deserved. Gino Mediati and the entire team at Ace are an institution in our Downtown. Not only do they provide incredible customer service and are an essential resource in town, but they are also extremely generous with the community. They absolutely go beyond the call of duty in helping with fundraising by local groups, sell tickets for the Palms and collaborate with the many other businesses. Gino has become a leader in our business community through his positive contributions to the Parking Committee and in helping with many other events. A very well deserved honor for one of our more important businesses.

Sharon and Wally Pearce are the “Senior Citizens of the Year”. Both have become incredible leaders in advancing issues and activities for the largest growing demographic in our community- seniors. They are founding members of the Winters Senior Foundation, they have helped in the coordination of numerous activities and events, conduct monthly foundation meetings, lunches and  representing seniors with the City Council and within the County. Sharon and Wally are helping change and improve the lives of seniors in Winters today and for years to come!

Congrats to Chris, Gino/Ace and Wally and Sharon. All are incredible examples of the type of people who make Winters a very special place.

Have a nice weekend,


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Friday Update on Inauguration Day 2017


 A couple items:

 ·         Winters Police and Fire will be active at Winters High School in a training exercise on Saturday, January 21 in the morning. This will be a full simulation exercise on a couple training goals for the Departments. People will see a considerable amount of activity at WHS but please note that “This is only a drill”!

·         This week, Councilmembers Bill Biasi and Jesse Loren attended the League of California Cities “New City Councilmembers Orientation” in Sacramento. The seminar is a comprehensive look at local government issues, laws and procedures to prepare them for success in navigating the myriad of responsibilities of being on the City Council. I liken it to trying to “drink from a fire hose” with the shear volume of material they are given at the meeting (the notebook is over 700 pages). Both learned a lot and had an opportunity to meet other elected officials from throughout the State. It is really cool with the number of folks who know about Winters and how much the “love” our town! When the Mayor of Palm Desert comes up to you and says she has heard and read about the “good things” happening in our community, you know you are doing some things right!

·         The storm Wednesday night knocked out power to a couple neighborhoods and the East Street Pump Station. The good news was our auxiliary generator immediately kicked (and ran for almost 18.5 hours) on and our staff was immediately notified through our network control systems. It is awesome when things work the way the are supposed to!

·         Russell Street seemed to have taken the brunt of the storm, with lots of trees and debris down, broken power poles and lines along with a really big mess. If you have a friend and a pole saw, go give them a hand this week.

·         Overall, Public Works along with Winters Fire and Police have done extremely well with helping folks impacted by the storms, which seem to be lining up……

·         Special thanks to ESPS neighbors Jill and Josh Nelson and Sally Brown and Jeff TenPas and their patience for listening  to the backup generator on all night!

·         The Winters Music Boosters will be hosting a fundraiser with the show My Funny Valentine on February 4 at the Community Center. Attached is the flyer!

 Finally, today was the 58th Presidential Inauguration which represents one of the most significant symbols and the greatness of our democracy with the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next. It is a view of history which dates back to our founding fathers and includes elements which were mostly established and written by Thomas Jefferson. No matter your political persuasion, the spectacle of  watching the leaders of the three branches of our government, past presidents,  political rivals and ordinary Americans coming together in celebration on this special day is something which should never be missed.

 As a child, my grandparents took me and my brothers to Washington D.C. and we visited the White House. All they talked about was what an honor it was to go to visit the home of the President and how blessed we were to be Americans. The day before, my grandmother took us to a Sears and bought each of us new dress suits, shirts and ties along with shoes for our visit. My Grandfather wore a nice suit and my Grandmother a new dress. We were incredibly excited and they told us we need to be on our best behavior because where we were going was special and symbolic of the incredible history of our nation. They were so right and the visit is something I remember like it was yesterday. It helped instill in us the importance of service, patriotism and gratitude for living in such an incredible country.

 Our nation is the purest democracy in the world and the inauguration is a chance for the entire world to witness why we are the leaders of the free world. It is a special day and something to be celebrated.

President of the United States has got to be the toughest job in the world! Now, former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle are coming to California for a well deserved vacation as he leaves the presidency. Hopefully, they will toast the ultimate task in citizen service and what they accomplished in eight years. Whether you agree with the politics, our nation owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to the Obama’s for bringing class and dignity to the White House, working tirelessly for our nation and setting an incredible example for the next generations. They deserve the vacation and the genuine thanks of our nation. Pray that they find success in their next phase of life.

Equally, President Donald Trump deserves our well wishes and prayers that he can fulfill the pledge doing great things (I already think we are great)! No matter your ideology, he is now our President and this is OUR nation and the thoughts and hope that all people will find success is what matters most.   His inauguration is but a beginning point. And as did President Obama, I am certain that President Trump is going to work really hard.  Hopefully folks can find a way to come together, transcend many of the issues which have created division and focus on the common values of peace, freedom, liberty and the ability of all people to pursue happiness. Everyone deserves a chance and we must give him that opportunity.

Have a nice stormy weekend!


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Planning Commission Meeting 01/24/17

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Friday the 13th Update for January, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th!

A couple items from the week:

·         The upcoming City Council Meeting has the Grant/Main Traffic Signal Bid, Water and Storm Drain bid for Downtown, Pension and Unfunded Issues, an Ordinance on Zoning Text Amendment for Second Residential Units, Uniform Compensation Policies for Public Safety and Public Works Personnel and the Obligation Schedule for the redevelopment Successor Agency. It’s gonna be a party!

·         I got a call from Supervisor Don Saylor’s Deputy, Tara Thronson who had some questions as a follow up to an update by the Yolo Emergency Medical Services Agency regarding ambulance and EMS services. She shared an incredible statistic that in 2013, cardiac arrest patients had a 17% chance of survival versus 2016 which saw a 31% survival. Amazing and a tribute to the work in improving ambulance and EMS service throughout the County. Great job and a credit to many folks.

 Winters was a leading reason for the overall improvement of EMS services in Yolo County. In 2013, the City petitioned the State to be declared a “non-exclusive” area in the Sacramento Region which would enable us to break from the established contracting requirements. We received permission and the Cities and County came together to form a Yolo County Agency for EMS Service. The biggest credit for enabling the breakaway needs to go to the many volunteers with Winters Fire over the years who drove the Winters Ambulance and maintained the license from the State. It was because of their service we were able to re-establish the services we receive today. My hero in all of this is Barb Karlen who was one of the drivers working with Chief’s Dave Kidder and Scotty Dozier to save lives. Because of their service, you have a 31% chance of surviving a cardiac event than before.

 ·         City Staff is working on a letter to the Judge who is overseeing the implementation of the new standards on Chromium 6 in regards to the economic impacts of implementing the new MCL. The impacts are significant and need to be known. We also plan on sending the letter to the Attorney General who has been notified about the economic issues.

·         There will be one item on the January 24th Planning Commission agenda to correct an inconsistency:  change language in the Muni Code to assess a rate tied to Local Agency Investment Funds.  Anticipate going to Council on February 7th.

·         Staff met with the Carrie Green, Executive Director of the Winters Chamber of Commerce to discuss joint venture options for economic development and business education programs between the City and Chamber. A REALLY good meeting and a lot of potential for the future!

·         Lot’s happening with the Winters After School Program! Reading, science programs and participation in the Farmers Market. It is amazing the amount of learning, enrichment and support for the WJUSD students. Simply amazing!

·         Staff is working on modifications to the Walnut Lane Roundabout. It looks like we may need to re-bid a modified project.

·         Overall, the City performed extremely well with the big storm from last weekend. Huge kudos for the Public Works Staff who did a lot of preparation during the fall, cleaning storm drains, fixing pipe and clearing ditches, drains and outfalls. No reportable flooding in the town, only the typical closure of Rd 89 which is just based on a lot of volume from the hills. Good job to our team!

 Finally, Monday January 16 will be a holiday to celebrate the life of Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the greatest Americans to bless our country. A Baptist minister, orator, father and a real patriot who gave his life in the service of advancing the many freedoms and principles which make our nation the greatest. His press for the inaliable rights of people, non-violent protest and the importance of freedom has led to some of the most profound dialogues and advancement in our history.

 He is probably best known for the 1963 March on Washington and one of the greatest speeches in the history of our nation, best known as the I have a Dream Speech. Click HERE to read the speech or click HERE to watch it. Truly a remarkable day in the history of our country given by an incredible man.

 As we enjoy the privilege of a day off, take some time to reminisce and learn about Dr. King and the blessing he was to the advancement of civil rights for all Americans, all races, all religions and genders.

Have a nice weekend.


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01/17/17 City Council Meeting

01/17/17 City Council Meeting (PDF): Agenda / Packet

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BID OPENING: Wednesday, January 25, 2017, at 2:00 p.m.

BID OPENING: Wednesday, January 25, 2017, at 2:00 p.m.
318 First St, HVAC Upgrade (pdf)
City of Winters Project

318 First St, Store Front Windows/Doors Replacement (pdf)
City of Winters Project


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