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Friday Update on May 31 2019

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Friday Update on May 31 2019


A couple items for this week:

  • It is with a lot of regret that we have made the decision to cancel the 2019 Independence Week Fireworks Display. The need to relocate, logistics issues, the potential for fire and the reduction in overall quality just make shooting the show a bad idea. Winters High School will be available in 2020 so we will move any donations received into that show. Shooting the show at Shirley Rominger Intermediate School would require extensive weed abatement, closing Main Street, a buffer putting people in a detention area, a traffic/parking nightmare and shooting 3” and 4” fireworks versus the crowd pleasing 5” and 6” variety. Shooting a mediocre show over a dry grassy area is just silly and would be disappointing.
  • The Economic Development Advisory Committee Report will be presented in a joint meeting before the City Council and Planning Commission at 4:00 in the EOC Conference Room at the Public Safety Facility, 700 Main Street. HERE is a link to the report and recommendations. HERE is a link to a page with the background information, meeting agendas and other information.
  • Construction of the First Street Parking Lot will commence beginning the week of June 10. Look for preliminary work to begin within the next week then a full construction effort over a 2-3 week period in June.
  • Congrats to the Downtown Merchants on a final location and strategy for waste/trash removal and the beginning of alley activation. The future of Downtown is extremely bright with a very dynamic group leading the way. Pretty exciting!
  • The Senior Commission on Aging is on the June 4 City Council Meeting. An application process, interviews and appointment will follow.
  • Planning Commission allowed additional input in the Air BnB Look for it to be back on the June 25 Agenda.
  • Housing is a critical issue in Winters and throughout the State. Governor Gavin Newsom has listed it as a “crisis” and one of his highest priorities. Staff provided updates on key policies and issues at meetings in the month of May. Click HERE for the report provided which includes key links on policies, issues and resources.
  • A really cool event on June 12 will be a “Pop Up Garden Dinner” hosted by the Putah Creek Café featuring a four course family style dinner paired with Turkovich Wines. Sounds like an absolutely awesome event which will sell out fast. To make a reservation, you can purchase tickets here

Finally, the Memorial Day Weekend is the Davis World Cup Soccer Tournament where Winters AYSO sent 8 teams to compete against teams from throughout California. Soccer is pretty competitive and the Davis World Cup is a pretty prestigious tournament which closes the 2019-20 season.

Of the 8 teams, Winters walked away with 2 second place and 3 third place finishes, meaning each made the semi final games amongst elite teams in five brackets. Simply amazing!!!!

I referee the tournament and have an opportunity to meet and ref with folks from throughout the western states. People always ask me where I am from, with many assuming I am from Davis because I am “local”. When I tell them I am from “Winters”, literally every ref will comment “hey, I reffed a game with a Winters team and they played hard yet fair”. It’s always, “you have incredible players, coaches and teams”.

Saying I am from Winters is a real pride thing! Each of our teams become ambassadors representing the quality of play, competitiveness, the attitudes of our players/coaches/parents and they help define the impression people walk away with about our community. Most have never even heard of Winters but once they meet our teams on the field, they never forget! Our players and teams can compete with anyone on any field at any time and when the game is over, they know where we are from.

I tell our players that soccer is really a metaphor for life and that being from a small, yet mighty town gives them a huge advantage. They grow up challenged, supported and they have the opportunity to show they are second to none. Our kids compete on the same fields as teams from larger communities and leave victorious. They can do the same in life!  It doesn’t matter who they are competing against, in the end, you play with the same ball, on the same field and its more about determination.

I am always proud to say I am from Winters.

Have a nice weekend!


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