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Friday Update on February 23 2018- Parking Information Edition

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Friday Update on February 23 2018- Parking Information Edition


A couple items from a very good meeting on parking the other evening:

  • The Parking Committee held a joint workshop with the City Council and Planning Commission to review the draft Parking Plan and Recommendations. Click HERE to go to the draft plan which includes the recommendations. Attached to this update is a table summarizing all of the recommendations (HERE/PDF).
  • To view some of the key statistics on parking demand within the Downtown, click HERE to see the parking utilization between 7 AM and 5:00 PM and click Here to see the demand between 5:00-9:00 PM. The survey was done on a busy Friday with an event at the Community Center and the Buckhorn Devillibis Room reserved. Click HERE to go to the presentation which includes information on total parking demand (70%) and includes data on employee parking. Overall, some really good stuff!
  • To view information regarding the estimated impact of the new Downtown Hotel, go to slides 30 and 31 in this presentation. Click HERE. To understand the concept behind “shared parking” which was adopted for the Downtown Master Plan, look at slides 9-12. Slide 12,  the “unshared” side shows a compounding when cities use a “fixed” system, versus the shared concept which factors in the actual need based on fluctuations in demand based on time of day. In total, it shows a 38% overage of parking supply which is both expensive and unsightly! The effect is lots of empty parking lots throughout the day.

All of the information is included on the City’s Website page for the Parking Committee located HERE.

Lots of information but important from a big picture standpoint.


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