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Friday Update on April 26 2019

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Friday Update on April 26 2019


First, a HUGE shout out to Project Playground. They are paying for Josh Coulter Painting to re-stain the City Park Playground. It looks beyond amazing and (in my opinion) better than new. We have some talented contractors in our town (Josh’s crew) and the folks from Project Playground are the gift that keeps on giving. Well Done and people can see the work this weekend!

Yesterday was the inaugural of my “Ask the City Manager” program which will be held the fourth Thursday of each month in the City Council Chamber and can be viewed on the City’s Youtube Channel. For those wanting a replay, you can go HERE to view it.

Here is the written/Cliff’s Notes Version of my initial briefing of some hot topics this week:

  1. Fire on Edwards Street– Contained to a shed on the property. No injuries.
  2. Blue Mountain Terrace Apartments: this is a 63 unit senior affordable project with income restrictions for people living there. The project will be a combination of 1 and 2 bedroom units, not assisted living, but the second units can accommodate a caregiver if needed. The project is in the process of closing the many funding sources during the month of April, and we expect that the 18 month construction period will commence during the summer. They will have an application process for those wanting apartments there and when that arises, we will do our best to get the word out.
  3. Subdivisions: Stones Throw and  Heartland are under construction for their first phases. Heartland is expected to have final inspections on up to five (5) of their units this week. Stones Throw are about still weeks out on the finals for their first units. The projects are starting to take shape and will look nice.
    1. Summary of Units per year: A big question is how many units have been built in Winters in the past few years and how fast are we growing. If you measure growth by how many single family units receive their certificates of occupancy, in 2016 38 units, 2017 34 units and 2018 2 units. We expect that construction will pick up in the coming years with between 65 and 75 units a year for all subdivisions. The total units for Stone’s Throw is 395 and Heartland is 107. Our assumption is that each unit will bring 2.71 people.
  4. Improvement s to look for this summer:
    1. Moody Slough- Construction of the roadway from Rd 88 along the north boundary of the development area.
    2. Stones Throw Phase II- This will include additional grading and utilities for the second phase. Basically the north west corner of the project.
    3. Road 88 Paving- The road will be repaired from last years construction of the force main with a well needed reconstruction of the roadway.
    4. Influent Screen Project- WWTF- An $800,000 capital project to add a filtering screen in the aeration ponds.
  5. Public Safety-
    1. Downtown Parking Enforcement- Starting May 1, the chalk stick will be out and we will begin parking enforcement in the Downtown. Look for some warnings at the start, then citations to follow.
    2. Grant Ave Speed Zones- It’s time to slow down on Grant Ave as we dust off the radar devices and begin speed enforcement. Caltrans has certified the “speed zones” allowing for the radar enforcement.
    3. Car Thefts- 6 stolen cars in the past few weeks. Mostly from people leaving their cars unlocked with the keys in them. The tip of the week is to lock your car and pocket your keys to better improve not getting your car taken.
    4. Domestic violence cases- three felony domestic violence case in the past weeks. We can tell if it’s the weather or what but this trend needs to end.
    5. Molestation conviction- Winters Police brought a molestation case which has been in trial for the past couple weeks. The person was convicted of multiple molestations to multiple vicitims over a ten year period. Kudo’s and excellent work done by Winters PD on piecing the case together and their efforts in working with the Yolo DA.
  6. Fire Staffing- Summer 2019– Fire Season is now year round! Get ready for a hot summer and hopefully we will break out string of annual fires along the Berryessa Ridge.
  7. Planning Topics:
  8. General Plan Refresh- This is a FY 2019-20 Project for the City. We will begin working on an outline as other key projects take shape including the upcoming Regional Housing Needs Allocation Process takes shape, we prepare for the update of the City’s Housing Element and we have a clear view on our overall work load for the upcoming years.
  9. Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA)- The Sacramento Region in conjunction with the State Department of Housing/Community Development develops an economic forecasting method which allocates housing growth through a process known as the Regional Housing Needs Allocation. Each city is then required to develop their General Plan Housing Element to attain those units within its planning period. In our case, our certified housing element is for 8 years. This is a very controversial process and is sure to bring all the no/slow growth folks out to City Council Meetings. Governor Gavin Newsom has established a goal to build 3.5 million new housing units in the coming years. A perspective is that the current annual rate has been in the 200,000’s each year. I see pitchforks, torches and ropes in our future! Like they say, don’t blame the messenger and go to the source.
  10. Climate Action Strategy/Climate Action Plan– Through the Yolo Climate Compact, the City received a grant to update our carbon numbers and review key impacts the Winters Community has on climate. Staff has been working with Ascent Environmental on running numbers and they will be presenting an overall strategy which can be incorporated into our draft Climate Action Plan which will then be adopted. Look for these things to come forward something in the late summer.
  11. Civic Spark Fellowship– The City has received a grant to hire a fellow to help with implementation of key elements of our Climate Action Plan and Strategy.
  12. Preparation for the 2021 Housing Element Update– With the anticipated RHNA numbers coming out this summer, we will then begin formulating a strategy on the development of an updated Housing Element. This will be a 2020 project which will begin taking shape with the RHNA numbers.

North Area Planning- Nothing new to report on this topic. Still no application. The only recent discussions was a call to Bellevue North to get their permission to release some draft planning comments.

This weekend is Youth Day which is the reunion weekend for our community. Start it off with the Rotary Pancake Breakfast, the parade begins at 10 then time at the park. For those feeling they need to take their best shot at the City Manager, I will be sitting in the dunk tank at 2:00 at City Park.

Have a nice weekend!


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