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Friday Update for Good Friday 2020

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Friday Update for Good Friday 2020


Some items as we get ready for what will be the first pandemically plagued Sunday in probably the last 3,000 years!

  • Our focus at City Hall is pushing information to our small business community about the CARES Act and the stimulus relief for Covid 19. Our membership with the Solano Economic Development Corporation seems to pay dividends practically every day. Here is a video on the tax credit program available: https://solanoedc.org/cares-act/cares-act-info/. Please distribute to your network. More to come…
  • The economic shutdown and actions on the State and Federal levels are having significant impacts on City finances. The recent moves by the Governor on sales taxes will hit our overall cash flow to the tune of about $285,000. We estimate the impacts on overall sales taxes for the second quarter 2020 to be almost a 40% reduction and almost $60,000 in lost transient occupancy tax. The total hit over the next 3 months will be close to $400,000 which is real money in Winters CA.
  • Lots of requests for information on Covid 19. We have been pushing the Yolo County website for the daily updates and a TON of literally everything to know about the pandemic around us. Here is the link to their “dashboard” which is the link to all of the information and resources you can imagine: https://www.yolocounty.org/health-human-services/adults/communicable-disease-investigation-and-control/novel-coronavirus-2019/dashboard-and-documents
  • Staff extended the period for proposals on the development of our Housing Element to update available data available to proposers and ask for views on help regarding our other planning projects for SB2 including a specific plan, climate action planning. The new date for submittals in April 22.
  • The City Council approved an amendment to the Winters Highlands Subdivision Tentative Map (Stones Throw) to allow additional duplex lots. This will create more “affordable by design” units which will be important to the subdivision.
  • Staff will be moving the “Neighborworks” 24 unit “self help” project to the City’s Development Review Committee for a look within the next few weeks. If we can make this work, it will be a tremendous opportunity for the expansion of affordable housing in the Stones Throw Subdivision.

Finally, the closure of City Hall from the Covid 19 pandemic will make this a very sad Good Friday!

One of the most charming aspects of working at City Hall and Downtown is the energy which seems to flow on holiday weekends; and Good Friday is one of them. The City observes a half day holiday for Good Friday which is as old school and small town as it gets. A lot of old time Winters folks come by in the morning to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Its always really nice and something I am going to miss!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and “chag Pesach samekh” to those celebrating Passover.  Be grateful and be thankful!

We are in some of the most interesting times in many of our lives with different energies flowing which are not necessarily positive. I always like to stress that it is in the toughest times, peoples true character, integrity and intentions emerge. In these times, I hope all will find time to show some love, respect and kindness to family, friends, neighbors and complete strangers. Light a candle, say a prayer, toast some Turkovich Wine or share a Berryessa Brewing beer. We certainly need it.



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