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Friday Update for Friday the 13th of December 2019

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Friday Update for Friday the 13th of December 2019

To all, a happy Triskaidekaphobia! A couple items as we move closer to Christmas and the New Year.

The City Council Agenda for December 17 will be a holiday themed dress, so break out your best or worst sweater or holiday outfit and wear it to the meeting:

  • Public Hearing on CDBG Projects- Mostly for the Senior Center Proposal.
  • Proposed subdivision map for the LDS Property on Anderson Street
  • Water and Sewer Rate Study
  • Energy Upgrade Program Agreement for the Community Center and City Hall
  • Establishment of a Climate Action Plan Development Board
  • Animal Services Agreement with Yolo County
  • Resolution amending the City’s Pension and OPEB Policy on investment
  • Amendment to Master Plan engineering with Wood Rodgers for Flood Hazard Evaluation
  • Claim Against the City for a fall

A little insight into the item on the Climate Action Plan Development Board. This group will have two key assignments including the work on the development and recommendation of a Climate Action Plan for the City, which is a big deal. The second will be to make recommendations on the eventual make up and duties of a permanent Climate Action Commission to implement the overall plan. The interim Board will be for a pretty intensive six month period to work with staff and consultants on the development of the CAP. The Commission will be a much longer term appointment.

A couple items being worked on:

  • Working on recruitments for a Planning/Economic Development Manager, Environmental Services Manager (internal recruitment) and a Fire Engineer. Look for these to start after the first of the year.
  • Planning Commission approved the design review for the LDS subdivision project. The homes will be “affordable by design” with fewer of the façade upgrades and internal amenities. The developer has committed that these will be extremely affordable in Winters!
  • The Blue Mountain Terrace Senior Affordable Apartments are scheduled to close escrow within the next couple days. This is big news and the community should see the project begin construction right after the first of the year.
  • The Senior Commission on Aging met on Wednesday night. A really good group with a focus on organizing themselves before jumping into the many issues they will cover. A very positive meeting with the next scheduled for 5:30 pm on January 8, 2019.
  • The tractor parade had decent weather, incredible tractors and an impressive Christmas Tree. Many thanks to Chris and Sue at the Chamber, Kathy and Wade Cowan and Jose Diaz and the entire team from Ample Electric who hung all the lights on the tree. The event had a number of volunteers from Travis AFB and community members who did an outstanding job!

Finally, lots of frustration with the media, social media and some rumor mongering in regards to an incident between two students at Winters High School this week. The Winters PD and WJUSD did full investigations on the incident which were not picked up very well by the broadcast media and social media folks which was unfortunate.

Without questions, the WJUSD and Winters Police have the safety of our students and community as a number one priority. In this instance, they took measured and appropriate actions based on the reports, did investigations and opened lines of communication which resulted in a very proper response to what occurred at the school. The School and District Administration acted quickly and decisively within the context of what occurred. The Winters Police responded, did a number of interviews and contacted all parties to the incident. The City and District have a solid relationship in regard to all of this and we are confident that what happened was done correctly.

The reports from the broadcast media were just wrong, with Channel 13 not even contacting the Winters Police before their report. Social media reports were also wrong with a very counter productive result in trying sensationalize some aspects which were just not true. Unfortunately, the social media venues give a big megaphone for some folks to give opinion as fact. People need to consider the sources of information and cross check with credible venues before believing what is said in many of these forums.

The Winters Museum will host the Friday the 13th party beginning at 5.

Have a nice weekend!


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