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10/23/18 Planning Commission Meeting

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Youth Basketball Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed for Youth Basketball

The youth basketball program relies solely on volunteers to be coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, referees, etc. Your help is always needed and would be greatly appreciated.

For those that would like to volunteer, paperwork can be picked up and returned to City Hall. Volunteer paperwork can also be found on the City’s website at www.cityofwinters.org under the recreation tab but will still need to be turned into city hall.

For more information, call Program Coordinator Ruben Valencia at 530-219-0265 or Karla Jenkins at City Hall, 795-4910, extension 100.

Youth Basketball Volunteer Registration form (pdf)

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Youth Basketball Registration

Attention all Youth Basketball Players!!

The City of Winters will once again be sponsoring youth basketball for boys and girls from kindergarten through the 8th grade.

Starting October 15th, registration forms will be available at City Hall in the finance office and on the City’s website at www.cityofwinters.org under the recreation tab. The registration fee is $40 for players that do not need a jersey and $50 per player that do need a jersey. This also includes a team T-shirt. There will be late registration but everyone will be put on a wait list. Late registration has a fee of $70 per player.

Drop off your completed participant registration forms and the appropriate registration fee by 5 p.m. on Nov. 9th at City Hall, or mail to City of Winters, Attn: Youth Basketball, 318 First Street, Winters, CA  95694.

For more information, call Program Coordinator Ruben Valencia at 530-219-0265 or Karla Jenkins at City Hall, 795-4910, extension 100.

Youth Basketball Registration Form (pdf-English) 
Youth Basketball Registration Form (pdf-Spanish)

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Friday Update on October 12 2018


October 16, 2018 City Council Meeting:

  • Public Hearing for Impact Fees (To be Continued to 11/6/18 meeting)
  • Presentation- Putah Creek Council’s One Creek Restoration Internship Program Presentation
  • Presentation- ADA Transition Plan Update by Public Works Department
  • Presentation- Proclamation for Participating Students for the Mural Project at Lorenzo’s Market

Consent Calendar:

  • Public Improvement Agreement and Two Grant Deeds for Public Utility Easements for the Winters Healthcare Project
  • Chamber of Commerce Special Event Application for the Harvest Festival on October 26th
  • Cal Fire Grant for Golden Bear Pre-Planning
  • Request for Seed Money for Winters Community Dinner
  • APS Environmental Contract for Sewer Line CCTV Inspections
  • Climate Resiliency – Community Dialogue
  • General Plan Reports and Updates

Discussion Items:

  • Report on Senior Services by Consultant Sheila Allen
  • Valley Clean Energy Alliance
  • City of Winters APP
  • Strategic Planning Calendar

A couple items of interest:

  • Check out the updates on the Downtown Hotel on the major projects page in the City website. Click HERE to see the updated elevations, materials and the debut of Carboni’s Ristorante Bar and Marketplace, an Italian themed restaurant which will feature a bar, barista, seasonal selections, seafood, wood fired pizza, Italian sandwiches and salad along with a fresh pasta bar and an incredible wood fired grill which is going to bring a unique and updated flare into our Downtown. The project is getting exciting and is expected to open mid 2019.
  • Permits for both Heartland and Stones Throw subdivisions are really ramping up. Foundations are being poured and we are hearing sales and interest in the projects is high. These are really nice projects!
  • Congratulations to Winters Healthcare on the start of the construction of the new campus. Go to our major projects page HERE to see their planning application or go to the WHF website HERE to check out their vision for the project and where they are going.

Finally, the Strategic Planning Process Staff is discussing with the City Council has many important parts to it, particularly in relation to the future of the City’s organization as far as who and how we will hire people in the future for key positions. This all relates to much of our discussion on ”succession planning” as key members of our team approach the “red zone” of their careers and plan for retirement.

Amongst small communities in the Sacramento Valley, Winters holds a special distinction for the many accomplishments we have made in the revitalization of our town despite our size and limited resources. Much of this is attributable to our small but very dedicated staff who have been committed to the advancement of Winters. Community loyalty has been a key hiring criteria and a combination of the longevity of many staff along with a keen acumen for completing projects within a long term vision has made all the difference in the world. That longer vision has resulted in projects which some can take credit in marking in the legacy of their careers. They are people who have made a real and long term difference on the Winters Community.

I’d like to highlight two of those individuals who are “stars” of the City staff.

Carol Scianna has been our Environmental Services Manager in the City’s Public Works Department for almost 15 years. Her job entails much of the environmental compliance to the many governmental agencies we deal with and she is the lynchpin in the operation and compliance report for both our water and wastewater enterprises. She is the City’s lead on key climate issues involving recycling and waste management, green house gas reductions, action planning and the many permitting issues involving the restoration of Putah Creek. She has also been the key staff member on critical infrastructure projects including the Putah Creek Car Bridge, Moody Slough Overcrossing Bridge on Road 89,  the North Bank Creek Trail, each phase of the Putah Creek Park Channel Realignment, Downtown Restoration Projects and the Grant Ave Roundabout. Carol is also the manager of the City’s mitigation bank areas for elderberry!

I met Carol in 2001 when she was the President of the Winters Friends of the Library (WFOL), which is one of our community’s premier organizations. Her commitment to Winters is extrodinary and the difference she has made our environment will last for decades if not centuries. Dealing within the realm of the environment is not easy because you deal with passionate people who can disagree immensely. People experience Carol’s success literally every day whether walking down the creek trail, watching salmon spawn, driving over any of our bridges or dropping a child off at school.

Dan Maguire is the City’s Housing and Economic Development Manager and is also approaching almost 15 years on the City’s Team. His job entails managing the City’s affordable housing program, working with the various affordable projects in town, serving as the project manager on key new housing projects and working with developers to strategically develop plans for future projects. Dan oversees compliance with key State agencies who deal with housing and is our liaison with a key advocacy group, Legal Services of Northern California. To Dan’s credit, he has been the City lead on the Orchard Village Apartments, the soon to begin construction Blue Mountain Terrace Senior Apartments and the many moderate for sale units in the new subdivisions. In economic development few on the City Staff have played a more important role in the revitalization of Downtown than Dan Maguire. Dan was the manager of the City’s façade improvement program which renovated 27 storefronts, was the key liaison for all three phases of the Downtown Streetscape Program, negotiated the lease assistance program which brought businesses like Arc Guitar and the Turkovich Tasting Room. He is also the project lead on the Downtown Hotel Project and is the City’s liaison to the Chamber of Commerce.

I met Dan at 2:00 one morning trying to figure out how to take down a light tower following an epic Earthquake Festival. I quickly realized Dan was an “all in guy” when he purchased a truck so he could haul all of the things he needed to do community projects he was supporting. Few drive around with a water tank in the bed of their truck to water recently planted trees along the 505, have their own set of “hay hooks” to move hay bails for beer gardens or have their own permit with Caltrans to pick up trash along the highway and a collection of vests, goggles and hard hats required under said permit.

Dan and Carol are representative of what has made the City of Winters successful over the past number of years. They have integrated the community in their own personal and family visions. When disaster has struck, they are always amongst the first to show up and always the last to leave. They have tackled some of our most difficult projects and kept them alive all the way to the finish line. As each of them prepares for retirement in the next few years, they represent the toughest parts of “succession planning” because the transcend professional acumen, there is their commitment to the Winters community and how the City organization integrates into the fabric of the town.

The City has many “stars” who make up an incredible team. Everyday I feel blessed knowing that we have people on our staff who can be counted upon to bring their absolute best to serving an incredible community. A number of years ago, Nanci Mills and I established a fundamental hiring criteria and that was to find really smart people who “loved” Winters with the acknowledgement that we would train the rest of the job to them.

I give members of our team in the “red zone” of their careers a hard time because I don’t want them to retire (mostly based on love and respect). The reality is that each has earned their transition and we need to saver all that they have given and the legacy’s they leave on our community. We have much to accomplish as we move the City forward in the coming years and we need to prepare for the next generation of really smart people who love Winters.

Have a nice weekend.


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10/16/18 City Council Meeting

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Friday Update on October 5 2018


A couple items this week:

  • Staff met with Caltrans at the annual Yolo/Caltrans Annual Update Meeting. Many big projects in circulation including the I80 widening project, the “World Class Bikeway” between Davis and Sacramento, the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and the purported impacts which may result from the repeal of the Statewide Gas Tax should Proposition 6 pass.
  • For Winters, I provided an update on the roundabout, a pending application to install Automated License Plate Readers on Grant Ave traffic signals and our recent planning project to widen the I505 overpass and to implement the last parts of the City’s Complete Street Program along Grant Ave. Caltrans was receptive to all elements fo the work we have been discussing. Overall a really good meeting. I would describe the overall customer service sense for Caltrans as very good with a strong amount of leadership from the top driving collaboration and the need to get projects done.
  • Under projects done with Federal Transportation Dollars (the roundabout project was done), there is an incentive for the State with rebates as a result of “project delivery”. For the past fiscal year, Caltrans received almost $400m from the Feds as a result of project delivery. This is really good news for localities as the money is then deposited into the SHOPP funding program which is then eligible for additional local projects.
  • The biggest takeaway are the ramifications for the entire State should Proposition 6 pass. In total, over 6,500 improvement projects in practically every community will be affected including streets, sidewalks, road safety and bridges along with the impacts on public transit. According to SACOG, the regional transportation plans will essentially need to be completely redone, which will jeopardize federal finding, including the I505 Overpass Project in Winters. The City has an adopted plan for spending these gas tax funds which I will forward in next weeks update.
  • A review of legislation passed by the State Legislature and being signed by the Governorwill bring many changes to society. Food carts can basically set up shop anywhere in town (including parks), streamlined permitting is upon us which will impact the City’s ability to plan and work with developers is drastically limited; and anyone below the age of 16 years of age cannot be tried as an adult which is retroactive and will most likely free a horrific Davis murderer in just a few years and many other murderers. Crazy what is happening!
  • Staff will be participating in a webinar next week regarding SB35 which was passed along with 15 other housing bills. The legislation requires a streamlined subdivision permitting process for communities which have not met their Regional Housing Needs Allocation, which is practically every city in California. The wording essentially gives a green light to developers to move forward with project with minimal public review and input. For Winters, it could be significant!
  • Staff has received a very affordable proposal for a Winters APP which will allow residents and visitors to access a litany of information about the City. Key features include the ability to report maintenance issues, graffiti, abandoned cars, a community calendar, locate businesses and much more. Look for this on the October 16City Council Agenda.
  • October 6 is the Public Safety Faire at the Public Safety Facility, 500 Main Street from 10-2. Lots of displays from police, fire, fish and wildlife and much more. This has become an incredible event for kids and adults alike.
  • Good news on a number of fronts for both the Downtown Hotel and the Fairfield Inn along the I505! Look for plenty of lodging in 2019!
  • A HUGE congratulations to the Winters Healthcare Foundation on the start of construction for their new campus on Grant Ave. This is a major project for our community and kudos need to go to the visionary leadership of many on their Board and Staff. Well done.

Our Winters Warriors have a bye this week, so come Downtown and enjoy a great evening on what is supposed to be a windy weekend.



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Public Hearing Notice for the Impact Fee Update 09/24/18


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Friday Update on September 27 2018

A couple items this week:

First, the Festival de la Communidad/Carnitas Festival is this Saturday at Rotary Park and the Community Center from 4:00 to 11:00. The highlight is the “Carnitas” competition and dinner. This is one of our communities top events with food and entertainment for the entire family.

October 2, 2018 City Council Agenda

  • Salmon Festival Funding and Street Closure
  • Repairs for pumps at East Street Pump Station
  • Installation of Flashing Crosswalk Beacons on Railroad Avenue
  • Final Acceptance of Callahan Subdivision Public Improvements
  • Harvest Festival Street Closure on October 26
  • Strategic Planning Process and Schedule

Other happenings:

  • The Economic Development Advisory Committee is a really good group, brining perspective and vision on moving Winters forward in a measured and sustainable manner. At the September 27 Meeting we reviewed the SWOT analysis from previous meetings and started what we call the “idea building” process which involves folks from the committee offering ideas and concepts which will eventually form the recommendations from the group. Key issues discussed thus far including the flood zone and fees, the lack of key industrial and office locations, the vast ratio disparity of economic land zoning versus residential/public land and the need for a focused concerted public/private economic development team to recruit business. The group is exceptional and will be working on finalizing recommendations over the next month.
  • The “strategic planning process” on the City Council Agenda will be a very important program for moving things forward for the City over an almost 20 year period. The following is the main parts from the agenda report:

In 2007, the City Council, Staff and key community stakeholders held a two day workshop at the Abbey Street Fire Station 26 to set goals and priorities. In that workshop, many important priorities were established which included:

  • Downtown Renovation
  • Water and Sewer Projects
  • Utilities extended to I505
  • Construction of the Public Safety Facility
  • Putah Creek Improvements

The process included presentations on key needs, outlines of priorities from stakeholders and a number of exercises to gain input and consensus on the direction the City should be taking to achieve many of the goals. Without question, the process was an enormous success and the results can be seen all around town.


Staff is proposing that the City Council host a series of workshop on five (5) topical areas with key stakeholders to begin establishing goals and priorities for each area, which can then be funneled into a comprehensive “Strategic Plan” which would cover the next 15-20 year period.

Topical areas might include:

  • Planning and Economic Development
  • Community Facilities and Services (parks, facilities and services)
  • Infrastructure (Water, Wastewater, Streets, etc)
  • Public Safety
  • City Organization and Structure (succession planning)

Each topic will have an individual workshop to include City Council, Staff and Stakeholders in attendance. Projects and Priorities will be discussed, listed and ranked for each area. All meetings are open to the public and will be held in an open format.

From the topical workshops, theses priorities would then be brought before the City Council in a two day strategic planning workshop coordinated by professional facilitators. Each of the stakeholders from the previous meetings will be invited to attend the workshop and participate in a more global look at all topics and asked to help participate in a consensus process. Day 2 of the workshop will afford the City Council the opportunity to provide direction on the final priorities and give directions to the City Staff.

Stay tuned for the schedule as we move forward.

Happy Homecoming to the Winters High School Warriors as poor Live Oak faces a very impressive Warrior Varsity.


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10/02/18 City Council Meeting

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09/25/18 Planning Commission Meeting

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Friday Update on September 21 2018


Some items to end the week:

October 2, 2018 City Council Agenda

  • Senior Services Presentation
  • Resolution regarding Proposition 6
  • East Street Pump Station Repairs
  • Flashing Beacon Crossing Signals for Railroad Avenue
  • Salmon Festival – Request for Funds, Street Closure & Amplified Sound Permit
  • Waste Management Contract Amendment for Overage & Contamination
  • Winters Healthcare Public Improvement and Maintenance Agreement
  • Callahan Phase 1 Public Improvements Notice of Completion

Some notes on items occurring:

  • First, Congratulations to City Councilember Jesse Loren and local super involved resident Kate Laddish for being recognized by Congressman John Garamendi as Women of the Year for 2018. Jesse was recognized for her leadership roles within the City with the Hispanic Advisory Committee, League of California Cities and with the many regional agencies she represents the City on. Kate was recognized for her advocacy on affordable housing and work within the Winters Community. Congrats to both VERY deserving Women of the Year!
  • Lots of work occurring with the Heartland and Stones Throw Subdivisions. The interior roadways along with a section of Moody Slough Rd are well under construction and should be completed some time over the next few weeks. The projects are taking shape and will be nice additions to the community.
  • The City’s Building Department will have a “launch” of the same day permitting program on Wednesday, October 3 beginning at 3:30 at City Hall. Contractors and their representatives are welcome to attend to learn about the program as it gets ready to begin on October 9, 2018.
  • On Thursday, the City Council and I attended the one year anniversary on the opening of the PG&E Gas Operations Technical Training Academy. Key project personnel from PG&E were in attendance, including Gas Operations President Nick Stravopolous. It was nice to see this world class facility in operation and the overall commitment the utility is making to training their personnel and advancing gas safety at a very high level. During our conversations, we learned that the facility is considered a benchmark for other utilities throughout the country and by utilities world wide. Having such a world class facility in Winters is simply amazing. The facility trains over 150 personnel daily from all over the greater PG&E service areas in California. Kudos to PG&E and their entire team!
  • This Sunday is the inaugural “Porchfest” a series of mini-concerts and performances to be held on front yards and porches on Main Street between Second and Fourth Streets. Food trucks and performances will also be held at City Park. The event will be between Noon and 5 and is free to all attendees.

Finally, the City Council has approved the Downtown Parking Master Plan. The three (3) year effort was driven by community members and businesses concerned about the future of congestion and parking availability within our Downtown.  Some of the key recommendations and implementation programs which will be taking place include:

  • The establishment of the Winters Business Association, a compilation of business and property owners to guide management and policy implementation for parking within the Downtown. The partnership between the City and the private sector will be a key in the overall success in implementing the overall plan.
  • Construction of the new 38 space parking across for City Hall which will happen in conjunction with the opening of the Hotel Winters.
  • Re-striping of parking spaces throughout Downtown Winters. This will include a re-measurement and painting of all parallel spaces and re-painting of current diagonal spaces.
  • Establishment of parking time limits for the Downtown, re-signage and then enforcement. For most of the area, limits will be 2 hour from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. with 30 minute zones in some key retail spaces and near the bank.
  • Alternatives for special event parking including remote parking lots and shuttles.
  • Working with businesses to have employees park in parking lots versus key visitor and customer.
  • Parking enhancements for bikes, accessible parking and electric vehicles.
  • Opportunities for the Winters Business Association to do assessments for future parking needs, structures, services and other alternatives including valet parking and enhanced security and lighting.

To see the entire Parking Plan and Report, go to http://www.cityofwinters.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/ParkingMasterPlan-FinalDraft073118.pdf.

Have a nice weekend.


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Winters Salmon Festival 2018

Great Food • Music • Face Painting • Kid’s Parade
Winters Salmon Festival 2018

Saturday, November 3, 2018 • 11am-4pm • Rotary Park • Winters, CA

Click Here for more info.

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Carnitas Festival de la Comunidad 2018

Carnitas Festival de la Comunidad 2018

10th Anniversary
Saturday, September 29, 2018

Rotary Park

$13 Carnitas Plates
$5 Beer and Sangria

Bonanza Kings 4:00PM – 5:00PM
Karaoke 5:00PM – 5:30PM
Mariachi Puente 5:00PM – 6:00PM
Woodland Folklorico Latino 6:00PM – 6:30PM
Latidos Musical 7:00PM – 8:00PM
Banda La Marinera 8:00PM – 11:00PM

Food and Drinks, Carnitas Cook-off, Live Music and Entertainment and Dancing. 
Fun for the whole family.

For more information about this event, please contact Dagoberto Fierros at (530) 794-6760 or dagoberto.fierros@cityofwinters.org

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City of Winters Mission Statement

We are committed to providing highly effective public services in a professional, cooperative, and adaptable manner. We will be a proactive, informative, and responsive government through communications and actions that welcome participation from all segments of our community. We are committed to excellence through respectful, responsive, and responsible customer service. We will carry out our responsibilities in a manner that enhances the quality of life in Winters. As employees we will always strive to improve ourselves, our position, others, our departments, and most of all, the City of Winters.

(found here)


Department Links:

-City Clerk

-City Council

-City Council Agendas

-City Manager

-City Manager's Update

-Economic Advisory Committee*

-Future Leaders*

-Hispanic Advisory Committee*


-Planning Commission

-Putah Creek Committee

-Administrative Forms and Reports

-Website Posting Requirements

Note: to view online City documents, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. Click to visit Adobe's download page (external website).